Friday, April 30, 2010

Results of yesterday field trip

It was fun, it was very cool, it was very dusty, it was very smelly, and it was overall eye openning.

After being treated like a 2nd rate citizen by a few of the moms that are involved in trying to take over the position that the teacher so felt I could handle. I decided that I need to warn the teacher as to what is going on next week. I didn't give away details of the exact plans but I did warn her that her class was going to be inturpted and that her low key celebrations as her request was not being requested by the other parents. I also told her that they were requesting the release of the end of the year party fund for teacher appreciation week for the children's "special" class teachers. It was put to me that this something that is regularly done. I told the teacher since they don't respect my authority or hers that I told them no. The party fund is going on the kids for their end of the year pizza and other treats in teh classroom before heading to a field trip for the remainder of the party. She was totally shocked by what the other parents where up too. She assured me that she had my back. The rest of the parents if they truly wanted to go against her wishes for her birthday and teacher appreciation then they would have to find funding outside the party fund. The party fund is for the kids and it is staying for the kids. They can get it over it. She thanked me for not backing out of being the room parent. When most parents would leave her high and dry but I didn't. She thanked me for checking with her first on all matters including teacher appreciation and her birthday.

It was so nice to know that the teacher has my back. It took the stress of the situation off my shoulders. Now, as for their ploy for power, karma...its a kicker. That's all I have to say about it.

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