Wednesday, April 28, 2010

coyotes loose to the red wings 6 to 1

Last night's game was very disappointing for the fans and the players. Yet, the fans did something that no one expected them to do. They gave their team a standing welcome even when they lost. They did not walk out on them. They did not boo or hoo. They did not insult the other team but ignored them when again they rudely decided to throw octopus on the ice again. This is like throwing salt into an open wound. Why be rude? Just be glad that your team won. I understand that it is a tradition. Expect the tradition has a time and place that was not last night. I think everyone who was raised "old school" will tell you that it just was not right.

As for my team, great job this year. You gave this town something to believe in when no one else in the league believe. No else believe that the coyotes had it in them. Thank you for showing not just the town, nor the league but the world that the under actually can win even if its only the hearts and minds of men. Have a great off season, we will see you in fall!

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