Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Notes to Room Parents and others that judges them

I used to wonder what it was like to be a room parent. I use to wonder why the parents in charge did what they did. After a year of being room parent, taking all considerations in that every one put their input in, I put together a plan of action with the teacher's approval. Everyone liked it until now, when instead of telling me that they no longer liked their own ideas that I used they took over being room parent without asking. No big deal because some involved never really donated time or money to the activities this year. At least they are stepping up to bat per say. What really sucks is that they couldn't be human enough to tell me to my face or go through the teacher to tell me what they truly think. They went through another parent that they felt could deliver a message that wouldn't hurt my feelings or they start nasty little rumors that got back to my Dh and I.

First of all be man or woman to face the person yourself if you want me or a different room paretnt to respect you at all. Psst, I don't now. I did before but now I don't, to me you are a coward.

Don't set the expectations, so, high that other parents in the room can't participate because they are finanically strapped and asking food banks for help; to which you have done.

Where the hell, where you when I asked for help, doing some of the projects to begin with? I know sitting in your corner being all judgemental and sucking your thumb because you didn't get picked to be room parent. Psst, I saw the sign up sheet at the PTSA, guess what your name wasn't on it as any type of volunteer. Hmm..

Let me tell all those that are either judging the room parent or planning on couping the person.

Everything that a room parent does must be pre-approved by the teacher before set in motion. If you don't like what was planned then, go see the teacher. Not the room parent. There are rules and regulations that the room parents are suppose to follow set by the principal. Don't like the rules and regulations go see the principal. You know why, the room parent is only following orders they are not the general.

If you wanted to be in charge then you should have signed up at the beginning to co-room parent and not left the grunt work to one person alone all year long.

Basically, shut up the whining mouth, volunteer more in some way, and remember that those around you don't have all the finanical resources you think they do.

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