Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Half Day Wednesday

DH has been home all week working for his company. They have a major install next week. So, it tap, tap, tap, tap ratap tap from his office of continously programming. Then we have a few hours of phone calls from his client, boss, and equipment prep guy in the office.

So, today, the kids get out early, again. Though next year it will be easier to manage because they are moving all half days, and days out of school to Fridays. Yeah!! Planning vacations will be so much easier if we are finanically stable to do so. Maybe, I can find a job with a better school schedule.

So, my DH and I made a difficult decision concerning my ex-DH. We really would like to help them out in their time of need. Though, from investigating it from our end, and talking to two different states Department of Human Resources (one of which is their own states question line) we have come to the conclusion that they are not giving everyone enough information to help them. Though, the saying goes something smells rotten in Denmark. This time I have to go with my head and not my heart. Thus, causing my heart to be tormented.

Wash both vechiles
mop the kitchen floort
clean oven again
start potatoes for burritos
Finish laundry

I'm reading Skin Trade by Laurel K. Hamilton

Maybe I might get the second layout completed for songbird today.

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jasjawillis said...

You are such a kind person. :( I don't know many people that would be that loving and kind towards an ex.