Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silver Born by Patricia Briggs

Mercy, Adam, Sam, Bran, Zee, Gaberilla, Jessica are all back for another round of adventure. Yes spine shivering, heart racing mind blowing adventure when it comes to the spiritual world. Once, again, without wanting it, Mercy is pulled into the world of the fae along with the rest of her crew and the crew's pack whither fae or werewolfe.

This time an evil fae queen wants something. She is willing to try to destry Mercy. Not only does Mercy have to deal with the fae. There is a bad apple in the pack still causing trouble for Adam. Though, they thought they could break up the pack but they didn't realize the leader of the pack was a lot smarter than they realized, along with his mate Mercy.

I give this an honor roll list if I had one. Patricia Briggs is definitely out done herself this time again. Now, to wait for the new Mercy novel and the omega novel..umph I am back in my dunce corner again. :(


ck.twilighter said...

Dont Adam and Mercy complement one another well?

opsst, I am really happy about Samuel! I hope he get to keep his reason to live. Hmmm, do you think maybe a spinoff series with him!?


mean mom productions said...

Its about freakin time for Sammuel!! Geez, I didn't think he was ever gonna get a girl.

finally the bond between Adam and Mercy are tight. I liked the part where they are trying sleep and she thinks the word Adam and he shh's go back to sleep. I think that was my favorite mushy part.

Poor Gaberial!!!! I hate that Mercy's place got torched...oops maybe to many spoilers in my comments but it is definitely well worth reading it.

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