Saturday, April 24, 2010

What the muscles

are so soar from working out and deweeding part of my yard. Want more info...

Today, my Dh is recovering from kind actions gone wrong. He tried to do something nice and buy dinner from the deli last night .Some antipesto salad, egg salad, waldorf salad, and flat bread for dinner. The poor man woke up very sick last night. He need to find out if anyone else was sick. No one else was up during the night sick. He either caught a bug or ate something that didn't agree with him. I have a sneeking suspension he may be allergic to eggs. Every time he eats eggs he gets a stomach ache or it may be the amount that he is eatting. Though last night, he didn't eat much. Love him for trying to be sweet and kind to me.

Today baseball, more de-weeding, laundry, and cleaning up.

I finally made those roller clip bows for my kids. My youngest lost her's at school. The other was a proud wearer of it. The 5th graders wanted to know where her mommy got them. She told them online. Hee hee love it. The fact that they liked what I made, and the fact my oldest was proud to wear it. Makes me happy.

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