Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, it was an a typical Saturday for us. We were throughly exhaugsted last night. We all went to bed early and rose early. Though we are closing down the hockey season with our team in playoff games for our division this year. Ourbaseball team is totally kicking tail as well. They beat the team last night 9 to 1.

Today my oldest goes to a baseball game my DH. Our youngest gets to hang with me tonight. Our plans, swimming, library, and McDonald's. Maybe a hockey game if it is not blacked out. The last one was blacked out. Totally made me made.

Update on the water company raising rates. The issue has not be yet decided. i will forward the email I sent to two people to read to the company representatives and to the council deciding whither to raise the rates to $300.00 a month.

Okay, my Dh gets brownie or cookie and milk points. Today he bought me my own water bottles. They are one liter bottles, pink and green, and they were $1.50 a piece. They are for me alone to use. No one else. My kiddos have ruined the other water bottles by "biting" the sports top. I hate when they do that. So, since I haven't asked for much lately even though I still feel he is not being wise with money, he did buy me my bottles. I really wated the metal ones that last longer but I two for one fo the metal bottles. Thus, the extra points.

Next week is national standardized tests for our state. The kids have had two weeks of review for the test. I wish the companies producing the tests would actually base it on the cirrulum that the kids learn from instead of what they feel they should be learning. I think it would better refelect where they kids are at or better yet let the teachers design the test.

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jasjawillis said...

how awesome that George got you water bottles! :) Sounds like a good saturday.