Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coyotes loose to the Red Wings 1 to 4

I started watching the game. Though, after the first period, I went to bed. Not that I didn't want to watch the game but I was exhaugsted. The first period just plain ole' d sucked for playing skills for the coyotes. Way to many penalities for bad behavior. Way to many emotions that should not have been on the ice.
I like Shane Doan's opinion of don't get emotional on the ice it keeps you from performing well.
I know everyone is upset that Doan can't play due to a shoulder injury. My advice channel this frustration into better playing skills. Use that negative engery to a positive engery for playing better and scoring more goals.
I have to side with the Red Wings fans that their team over all played much better last night than the coyotes. Disappointed, yes. Angery no. There is a reason the coyotes, wolfes, and other pack like animals have survived for centuries. They work together. Will the coyotes remember their pack menatility in time? I do not know. I know this for sure that they will come back and find the other teams weakness and use it to their benefit just like the Red Wings players did last night. Are these fighting words? Probably, however, I am not picking a fight with anyone. I am just trying to inspire my team and help them.
Everyone be blessed, be prosperous, and be kind to one another.

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