Thursday, April 1, 2010

Attention all American Water customers

Have you heard what they are purposing to do in some states that they have service? They are purposing to 2x double the already expensive water/sewage service some of the service areas. These areas are already paying $125 a month in the winter, and clost to $180 in the summer. This would cause their customer close to $200 to $4oo a month for water.

Wait there is more..
have you tasted their water...
have you seen their water....
have you felt their water on your skin or seen the affects of it on your dishes, dishwasher, washer or more importantly your hot water heater....
have you smelled their water...

I am an American Water customer. I can say without out a doubt, I'd rather drink pool water or untreated stream water than drink the stuff that they call american tap water.

We are having a community meeting to which I can not attend but will be sending a letter of complaint to, to have read. Yes, it very, brimstone and hell fire letter.

Did you know that when I called the company for an email address for a complaint depart or public relations, this is what I was given...info___(state I live in) or I could fill out a complaint form on the web. Does this look like customer service to you? Automated without any caringfor the customer that pays their bloody salary every day. I don't think so. Take a stand against them on raising costs of service. Call complain, go to the neighbor meetings make your voice heard, and above all contact the media for possible fraudently use of your funds to the company because they definitely are not doing something right with it.

Hay Obama why don't you investigate the utility companies that say that can't make ends meet but have to raise service costs without quality service. You want to save america start by the people who are stealing from the poor to feed their or nasty wealthy pockets already overflowing with milk and honey with our hard earned cash. No this is not sherwood or medival times this is 2010 we shouldn't be forced to choose to go with out food to pay our water bills. Many of their customers are already make that scarfice.

Come on readers protest with me please because this is outrageous!!

I'd like to quote a song, Stand by Poison they make an excellent point

"We all carry the cross and speak what we're taught.Lies and money become the white man's god. We've burned all our bridges one too many times. The time has come now to draw the line"

"You know you've got toStand, stand, stand for what you believe,You know you've got toStand, stand, stand for what you believeOhh, You got to...Stand for what you believe"

"Oooh You got to listen now...Express yourself in the face of change,Repress yourself, you surely seal your fate,You got to look inside, the answer lies in waitResurrect before it's too late"

Psst Thank you Media Crews who have confirmed that their presence will be in full force to document this and air this to everyone in the viewing area next week!!! You are actually do something good for a change!!

***I do not sell any appliances or hotwate heaters. If you got that from this post then you miss inturpted the post. This is a call to take a stand against highway robbery from big business. I will deleting all email and will not reply to email requesting quotes.***

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