Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coyotes lose to the Red Wings 0 to 4

Well the majority of the game let the sports announcer said was like a chess game. A really boring chess game. The penalities for both sides totally where off the board.
I know why everyone was playing safe this game. Both sides last game got players hurt badly. It understood. I finally had to pause the game for a while thanks to dvr function then fast forward, so, I could stay awake.
Though sadden by our lost, sorta glad that each side has two wins. This means the next two games will be heated to some degree.
Be blessed, be properious, and be safe.
To my friends at Paranormal Haven, you are in Shark country that the San Jose Sharks. If the coyotes win four out of the seven games between the red wings then we get to play your sharks. Which will be a very difficult fight.

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