Monday, May 31, 2010

Attention all sewers!!!

Wal-mart now has an area of fabric for $0.88 per yard. They did have some cool stuff. It goes quick.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bunny Love

If you look really closely, you find a bunny checking out my tree. Yo bunny its not another bunny to mate with. Though, I think it was checking me out more. We love bunnies because they gentle creatures and they are so fun to watch in the morning. Sorry for poor picture quality but if I tried for my point and shoot the darn bunny would have disappearred into the bushes. Something about being fearful of preadators.

Beautiful Desert Sky

Today I leave you with this beautiful desert sky. I hope it brightens your day and chases the troubles away. Have a good Sunday.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank You Gift from a Teacher

You like my Thank you gift? I do. It sits beside my computer tormenting me with the delicious candy inside. Yes, I have eatten a few pieces but I have shared a few with my family.

Burnt Offerrings by Laurrell K. Hamiltion

Anita Blake, Jean-Claude, wereanimals, police specializing in the paranatural sciences, and vampire council are all in a fight for the righteous thing to do. Between figuring out who is starting fires, and the fire within the vampire society, Anita has here plate per saying full enough. You want suspense, thrill, and a good read. You got it.
The best part about book 7 of the Anita Blake series is it address a moral and a personal issue of accepting yourself as you are whither it be within a society or an outsider. A phrase is repeated in the book, about acception the best to become harmeous with it. I think its something we as a society don't do enough. Accept ourselves the way we are, so, can accept others with flaws that make them special.

Supportive Parent...article

Okay, this parent totally qualifies for the mean mom moto around here.

Please give her a round of applause..

Saguaro Cactus Bloon

This is a saguaro cactus in bloom. For the past two years, I have been trying to get a picture of it in bloom. While out running I snapped this. I hope you like it.

Desert Full Moon

The sun was setting in the east and the moon was rising in the east. It was a moment of sheer beauty in during a time of chaos for me. The tiny circle in the picture was the full moon. You can't see it very well with my cell camera. Though I did try to share it the monent with. I felt like it was such a special time. My dh doesn't get while I take shots like this. Its a moment in time, I want to remember. A time of calming, a time a peace, and a time to let go of everything.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Result of Dr appt

I have an infections going on..I have a fever just not one that can be detected by a freakin theromanter..not to mention the nasty goopy stuff coming out of my nose.

I even missed my dear friends party.. boo hoo hoo.. I love you jo lynne sorry I missed it.

Ack...allergy attack full blown

bleck, hawk....ywehiee...

the gagging sound of me almost throwing up and sneezing at the same time.

The shock the horror and the panic, when I realize I am getting sick from allergies. Not just I need my herbal broth but I will actually need prescription medicine including antiboditics to kick it this time.

Oh the agony of my ear filled with fluid. Thank God, my doctor on call, is super uber cool. He answers in the first ring and makes housecalls if necessary. Though, generally, with medicine over the counter and an office trip not neccessary. Wish, all doctors were like this. Thanks Dr. G!!

Bill Cosby moments in our house

Lately its been the bill cosby comedy show of parenting at our house. I heard the what? Say what? That so 80's show has been over for at least 15 years girl. I know. It had a wonderful impact in my life. So, when life gets crazy I refer to it as the "Bill Cosby Moments".

So, last weekend my oldest and I went arm in arm skipping through the house singing we are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz. La la la la...follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow da do da..see now your humming it too.

Then you remember his stand up comic routine from Bill Cosby himself about his parenting moments. OH friend Daniel from back in the day it memorized hook line and sinker. I still get cracked up over that fact. We'd be playing in the back yard and wham it yank a line out from the show..sigh that was the day.

Here it goes:

Honey, its time to get out of the pool to get cleaned up.

I don't wanna.

If we don't get out of the pool to get cleaned up, before we get your sister at the end of the swim team we can't go threw a drive thru for a late dinner/snack.

Okay, but one more dive with sticks pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ?

Okay, one more dive.

5 minutes later we are headed to the showers to get the chemicals out of our hair.
20 minutes we are dressed and waiting for swiming to get done..Its late as usual along with the coaches yesterday evening. We won't go there about the coaches, okay.

Listen, my darling wonderful soon to be a second grade child. DO NOT GET YOUR CLOTHES WET OR WE CAN NOT GO OUT TO EAT AFTER YOUR SISTER IS CLEANED UP (in my mean sturn tone I get).

Okay, I won't.

what did I just say?

Don't get my clothes wet or we won't go out to eat.

Okay, let's go out and wait on your silbing to finish up.

While getting instruction from the coach to help my kiddo kick and and stroke better on the breast stroke, the younger one climbs up the fountain steps. yes, steps people. To the point, of being like the rocky movie trumphaint at the top. I look over and holler blankety blankety get down off the fountain. Its not a jungle gym for playing. The look of horror crawls over my face like the two innocent people during the rocky horror picture show. One half of the child's clothes is soaking wet.

Next comes the famous Charlie Brown scream. Maybe, that is why my mum had a nick name for me, Charlie Brown. I did the same as a kid. Go figure.

Then comes my usual lecture. The usual lies to the child's father over the phone on how the said child didn't mean to get the outfit wet yad, yad, yad. My usual you the child is lying to you, right? *sigh from the other side of the phone miles away, yes with another frustrated sigh.

Then my oldest is sulcking (?) in the shower and muttering the mad frustrations of not getting a burger tonight for an after swim team snack. Yad, yad, yad.
Stop, slucking in shower. We don't have time to sulck.

I am not sulcking just mad at the othe said child. Why couldn't I have been the only child like my friend. Uh?

You know your friend, is gonna be a big silbing in a few months.

I know but at least I wouldn't have to put up with this right now.

Enough, hon, okay. Let's get cleaned up and go home straight to bed with everyone. I think we all need an early bedtime.

All the while other parents and grandparents are getting the case of serious chuckles and trying not to laugh over the hilirious Bill cosby moment. Then they decide to ask the said child why the said child got into the fountain.

Here it comes straight from Bill Cosby show (though they are just now getting old enough to watch it). I dunno now. Just to try it.

I must have had Bill Cosby's famouse frustrated look on my face because my oldest busted out laughing. The oldest said,"that's the funniest and most scariest face yet"

The look of bewilderment flashed across my face and only a cleansing breath helped keep me in control at this moment.

We get into the car to go home. The youngests says, "its not my fault that we are not going to a drive thru. Its mommy's fault for being so mean."

I wiped around, so, fast and growled, "It is too your fault for not following the guide rules. Next time don't get in the freakin' fountain and just sit in a chair, Would yeah?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture of my very special gift

Picture curosity of, here is a picture of my sewing machine. Dh is getting the manual printed out. I can't wait to get started on projects.

What do you think? I love it.

A very special Gift

For months, I have wondering how I was going to get a sewing machine for my daughter and I to start sewing together. She really wanted to learn, and I really wanted this fabric from wal-mart to be able to make cute sun dresses for us. I had been looking at craig's list a lot, Hi dh, yes I had already started for Christmas shopping. So, I saw wal-mart had a basic easy one by brother. I basically had decided that I would put it on the list of items that was for the family for Christmas.

Then a friend discovered she had an old one sitting in her garage. She offered it to me. Hi M! You just don't know what a blessing you have created in our lives. We will never forget it. I will post a picture tomorrow.

I found a user manual for it online. DH is going to download when he is at the office for me.

Then another friend found out that I was getting a sewing machine. She said she had a ton of fabric that I could come get if I wanted it. I said sure. OMG!!!! I am so excited. I know this summer is going to be full of fun.

My oldest is already planning on making her teddy's and dolls clothes. I want to make cute sun dresses for all of us....Remember this fabric. Yeah, now I can make us some sun dresses.

I might even have to find out the measurements of our friend's daughter and make her one for her birthday.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

End of the year LUau email invite

This is the email invitation I made with Brandi Sutherland's kits. You like?

The Kitchen Witch by Annette Blair

Melody Seabright, Logan and Shane Kilgarven are two sets of family unlikely to get along as friends nor become family. Then each characters personal demon's, skeleton, or spirits that each must face and banish before realizing they need each other.
I really like the way the author went into history of each character, herbs from physical to metaphysical affect in our daily lifes.
Do you believe in magic? YOu will with the ending of the book.
Honor roll status for the this book.

Monday, May 24, 2010

CSN link below

Monday...Day four...

The count down has started the song is posed in position for playing by Alice Cooper, "School's out for the summer".

The kids and teachers are almost ready to make their mad dash to awaiting cars to escape the insanity of a long stressful school year. Expect they have to wait until Thursday..

Summer Goals:
fun fun fun
read lots of books with the kids
review math skils through fun games
work on an attitude of a soon to be second grader to that of a second grader
swim team

Other than that a fun time.

A find at a book sale..

I found Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasure at the Library' book sale for 50 cents, and the Cheetah Girls compliation 1-4 book in paperbook for 5o cents yesterday. My oldest was so happy. She even carried her book around with her once we got home.

Image a book a comfort item. *sigh* smile...I'm turning into a nerd ...that's okay.. they get good jobs and oh have enough money to pay bills with.

I may have to give away my laurell k. hamilton once I have read it to a reader don't know yet.

Congrats to Bret Michaels!

You won apprentice show! I thought I was a stubborn mule when it came from surgery recovery. Gheez, you make me look "wimpy, wimpy" like the commerical says.

Okay, dude, now will you just take it a bit slower, so, you can keep on rocking. I mean rehibilation wise. Been there multiple times, and back. Now, that you made your appointment hit the rehab joint to gain strength. This is experience talking not a person..peace and strengthen brother.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beneath the Skin by Adrian Phoenix

The continuing story of Heather and Dante is back in full epic force. Everyone wants to control, misuse, misguide, and kill this unlikely pair. Yet, they succeed even when obstucles are put in their path.
My favorite part is when Dante and Heather define tradition and law in both realms to chart a new course for humanity. A one of true free will, and freedom for both mortals and immortals.
I give the book an A+. I give the series an honor society membership.


sinus/allergy headache. After spending so much in the wind yesterday, my allergies and sinuses make me feel like I have a headache not from partying for fun but from the wind. Ugh...

Other than that laundry, and a baseball game..

Friday, May 21, 2010

More Prayers needed for Bret Michaels

Okay, so, my dh comes to bed last night. He was totally shocked to learn that Bret Michaels had a stroke.
I was like dude, this has been going on for the last 6 weeks.
Where have you been my tamed lion?
He was like seriously?
I was like would like me to give you the cliff notes.

Cliff notes had his appendix out, then had the brain hemmorage got release, interviewed by Oprah, and now a stroke...what else did you say he had going on.

A hole in his heart..

that too. Don't forget he has always had health issues from his diabetes. Though, I don't think diabetes played a role in the lastest health stuff.

Man, that sucks. Did you know he was receiving treatment not far from us.

What do you mean not far from us? If you mean a few hours car ride, then yes, I heard the rumors. Though, until they actual say where the treatment center is, I don't believe rumors.

Did you know he had kids?

Yup, they are the same age as ours.




I'm tired..

I'm already have way to sleep land.

goodnight sweets


Friday End of the Year Luau

Yes, folks its finally here. The end of the year party for my oldest child. Can we do the happy dance? Seriously, a big time happy dance. I feel very lucky to be able to be here while my oldest is growing and doing things. So, its pizza in the classroom, then a small field trip to the park down the street to their splash pad and their play area for some old fashion fun. What the kids don't know is that I am going to bring a cd players for freeze dance. This classroom of kids are the best. They totally love everything old fashioned.

Okay, I totally got a nice compliment yesterday from a man at the pool. I had the my youngest being punished because the child threw a tempertanturm on school grounds over not getting their own way. Not having it. Totally, not having that in my house. The guy ways up and says, "hello, sexy". Do you know how that made me feel great? It made me feel awesome. Oftem people tell me I glow or I have a glowing personality. Though, I really don't see it myself. Maybe, I'm just blind to my own abilities. Pssst, hay, partners in a relationship, you wanna lift up your partners? Seriously, compliment the hell out of them. They will feel so good about themselves, and their relationship with you. Now, if my DH would remember that.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blog Award Received

I got an email stating that I received an award from site for a blog that has content that is worth reading. Wow!! I am totally speechless.

The Great Scout Debute

We are unsure weather to continue scouts again next year. My DH thinks I messed up by switching troops. He thinks there was nothing wrong with the old troop. Yet, the really sweet and protected children from the old troop have left as well to the troop we are in.

Even if we had stayed in the old troop the troop leader would not have gotten any thing for my child for selling cookies including the badge she earned by selling 40 somethng boxes. The new troop leader thought the old troop leader is being a prune and unfair. I have to agree. I have taught preschool for years. You have to make the classroom fun, fair, and caring. My DH would rather them do tae kwon do. I agree with him. All kids need to know self defense. Unfortunately, the world has turned into a very ugly place to live, and work. They need to know how to protect themselves.

So, we are having the great scout think presidental electionals are bad..wait until it concerns kids.

Conglratulations Bret Michaels!

You got interviewed by Oprah yesterday. I'm happy that you are feeling better and survived.
Wishing you good health from here on out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Now a member of Brandi Sutherlin designs CT team

I got the word last week that I am now a member of Brandi Sutherland's ct team. You can find her stuff here:


Argg..I know its the end of the year. Why? My schedule is in a tizzy. Seriously, its all messed up. I am rising before 5 am doing stuff, and I am in bed by 7:30-8:30 pm crashing asleep from exhaugstion. No joke..

Currently reading-Beneath the skin by Adrian Phoenix-library finally got book 3 in. Waiting on the kitchen witch..

Today clean the back porch off, do laundry..dh is missing his sleeping shorts (duh dude put them in the laundry bin and I might be able to find them to was them), yoga and swimteam for the kiddos, try to make time for job searching..

Still no word from the fitness center about getting a job there. Its so disperring.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



I feel like the worst friend in the world. My friend called last night. Her daughter needed a ride to swim team practice. Her brothers were sick again. We were sick here too. So, I couldn't take her. We feel better but jimmy crickets I am so sick of the allergies caused by the weather around here lately. its not as bad as living in the south but its kicking our tails right now.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Naked Dragon by Annette Blair

What happens when you mix a curvey character, a stud muffin hubba bubba man dragon, and a book scene that is in the now? You get Mckenna Greylock and Bastain Dragonelli.
The chapters are prefectly portioned like a decilious eatible snack that you eat to much off too fast. Though, you enjoy every niblet and don't mind the food hangover the next day.
As a real person, with real flaws, I totally recommend the book. Now, if hope and miracles could occur in a timely manner in my life too. Well, then I guess I could say life has a happily ever after moments not just in story books.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cute or Comfortable is the questions

Do you choose these really cute flip flops from wal-mart for only $6.00 that hurt your heals when you walk because the make put the strap endings under heals instead of the arche of your foot.

Do you get an $8.00 pair from wal-greens that are comfortable and slightly cute? I got the ones from walgreens. I like comfortable.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Desert Bloooms

Here are some blooms of desert plants that I got with my cell camera out running one day.
I don't know the name of the plants. I just thought they were pretty.

I had to crop and watermark them before uploading for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you like them. I did.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Girls Night Out featuring Songbird Avenue May 2010 Kit

This layout has been brewing in my mind for awhile. I just couldn't find the time to sit down and work it out on the computer. So, finally the kids are too tired to stay up, and I have either had enough caffine and rest in excerise that I can stay up to work on it.
The grass is made out of the bow in the kit but cropped down to look like grass. The font is bopee in power point 2007. The paper tree was done with my tablet in by using a technique called tracing. I placed the coloring book over the tablet. Then I traced the tree shape out of the paper. I had to cut, paste into new image for it to work. The leaves is ribbon with a staple found in the kit. I hope you like you girls night out crew!

Friday Muffins with Mom

we're late...we didn't get up until 7 am. That is unusual for our crew here. We feel like the bunny from Alice in Wonderland...afraid the queen will scream off with our heads. least tomorrow is Saturday. Maybe I might wake at 5:30 am and go for a run. Though, I have a feeling that is not happening here.

I turned in my application at the fitness center yesterday. No phone call from them yet. So, frustrating.

Muffins with Mom with my youngest today.
strollerize class
plus a little weight lifting -skipped too soar
an appointment to finally get a will done with DH-if you are a parent you need to be sure that you have a will.
swim team
pay bills tonight-boring neccesaty of life

Hugs, loves, and positivity for all

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Appleville Elementary series by Nancy Krulik

You want a series that is beyond the beginner reader books but not so long the kid gets bored reading them? You want an author that has plenty of series to choose from? Then Nancy Krulik is the author for you. The Appleville Elementary is a great introduction for chapter books. Then she has written Katie Kachzoo series, a girl band series, and "How I survived Middle School" series.

Thursday...breafast at the school

So, I am sitting here typing this to my readers not ready to walk out the door but about 1/2 way there as in getting my hair fixed, make up on, presentable clothes for pictures (in case they have a camera and are shooting), and not to mention I still have sleepy heads in my bed. Though, I need to get moving on getting ready myself. Seriously, three person getting ready in my at the same time is so time consuming.

I might have a picture for you later..I know such a tease. I am normally behind the camera instead of in front of it. Most parents are ...

Wish me luck, positive engery. I am putting in my application at a fitness center today. They allow you to bring my kids with me, while I work. So, this is very important because, we don't leave our kids at day care centers or with sitters expect for family or very special friends(Hi Angie! You know your family now). Our kids our responsibility, the end, no questions are allowed to be asked.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday..I can't move today

Seriously, I am so soar..see my for more details.

I got all my to do list done but the job application and laminating a new banner for the teacher.

Today....I don't know about today. I did start reading the Naked Dragon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday..brain where for out thou?

I can't get my brain out of the clouds. I, so, need my vitamins that have some serious minerals that keep my wandering brain on track. i have so many things that I need to be doing. I just can't it on track. Seriously, I need something.

Okay day one of a busy week down. On day of my kids woke up at 4 am. I gave her some medicine, put everyone back to bed. Luckily, duck is still in bed snoozing. The other one is up doing her mandatory reading. I am blogging instead of doing whatever I need to do.

Angie-I hope your mil gets well soon. I hope this does not affect your vacation plans.

Jo Lynne-Give your nephew a hug, and congrats..I haven't read the entire article on the award yet.

EVeryone else..sorry if I haven't commented on your blog. Its a crazy time of year.

Hey, need a quick pick me up? Starbucks has happy hour for a limited time only 3-5 pm frappocinos are half price. Yes, I am going to get me one of those before the sale goes off. They are cheaper than Mcdonalds.

de-weed front yard
excerise include lift weights for back and abs
finish banner
start taco soup
clean up-vaccumm rugs, put away laundry
get banner laminated
check on several friends/associates having rough time

The Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks

Robby Mackay finally get the girl of his dreams. If you haven't started this series yet, start at the begining. OMG, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it is written with reality amongst the fiction. Seriously, I always look forward to this series. Now, I am waiting to see if she releases a few more, so, I find out what the other characters families additions are and how they are great.
Who's next? Carlos, JL, BArker, or Phineas. The ultimate one Connor. Maybe he can find his true love is it a mortal or immortal.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy MOnday

Well, my house is still and quiet expect for the tapping of my laptop keys as I tap this away.
Today is the start of a very busy week for me. Three days spent at the school, one almost all day, and two before the bell even rings to start.

I must get on to filling out applications for a job. I have tried for weeks but something always comes up to prevent me. Friday it was recovering from a stomach bug. Thursday something else. I have to get on it now.

Mother's day this year was nice and quiet. No rushing around, no craziness of running to packed resturants or stores like in the past. It was very nice. We started out Friday. We got my running shoes and my kids swim gogles for swim team. A curtain rod, for the an area of the house we have to try hanging sheers.

Saturday was the library, Mcdonald's for Breakfast, and Sam's club. We needed snacks for house. We got some.

Sunday was starbucks coffee with a muffin from a store, church, home, and grocery shopping.

Burned by P.C. and Kristen Cast

The trurth shall set you free if you can find it and face it. For those that truly seek can find it, for those brave enough can face to become whole like each character in the book. Some found it but were unable to face it, others found and faced it together, some their quest is just beginning. Anymore soulful thoughts? Yes, pick up and read it yourself? For your own spiritual journey per say...if you dare.

Vampire Kisses: Royal Blood by Ellen Schieber

The saying goes, "all good things must come to an end." This is what Royal Blood is , an end to the beginning of Raven and Alexander, Raven and Trevor, and the whole saga or is it.
Written with reality of human emotions, the converstaion with oneself over important issues, and just being the way you are made is sometimes the best gift you can give others..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Cleaning and Resting day

Ouch, soar muscles...okay not only am I soar from some serious spiritual working out I have been doing but physical as well.

So, today, I am resting and cleaning.

To those that go to work sick with virus and spread the unwelcome love germs. Please stop. Serioulsy, its like watching a cat cough up a hair ball. Its just plain nasty. How do I know its you? You give it to my family members then I am left to rid my house your nasty germs.

To anyone else that is trying to stay healthy...wash your hands, use a cleaner that essential oils and vinegar in it. What you didn't hear me mention bleach? that's right, we over use bleach based products causing germs to mute in their little bodies. So, Try something new. I have and it worked. Even my DH when in stops to notices the house is much cleaner than before. GEe, you think dear. I know, so. It is.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Warning about the SyFy channel

Okay, I just wanted to let anyone who likes syfy channel that their website has a computer virus. My Dh was watching some of their shows at their website. In the middle of view his virus warning went off and shut down his computer.

He has had to wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall everything. So, watch that site carefullly.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday cake for a teacher

So, the pictures are out of order. This is what it looked like this morning waiting on the teacher to come see it.

This is my refrigrator waiting for delivery.

So, I havent' fallen of the face of the earth. I have been busy doing this for a teacher's birthday today. So, here you go..everything but the cupcake wrappers are eatible. Yes, I said eatible.
Stop drooling all over your computer screen. Like it?
I got the idea from the Hello cupcake book currently on the market it.
Need an idea for a party. It totally rocks out!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Request

This is the Nike Zoom Vermoo shoe. Its awesome for running. I have had a pair for over two years. I got the pair after a hugh fight with my DH about finding a job. To which, I went looking for one while he worked from home.
They are the best dang running shoe I have ever ran in during my life time. I have had a lot of running shoes. My mother firmly believed in having good support shoes for me as I grew. Since, I grew incredibly tall for my age. Thank God, I finally stopped growing.
So, the dreaded question came from my DH. I don't think he realizes that he tenses up when he asks what I want for mother's day. I turned to him, and gave a home simpson look of duh. You haven't figured it out yet. He goes I can't read minds, but I can read your expression like I totally missed something. Uh, uh....I want a new pair of nike zoom vermoo running shoes instead of a small gift and going out to eat dude. Are you sure that's what you want? Duh, are you ears turned on, hon? I swear you are being like a computer with a virus.

He threw his hands up, enough. I get the point. You know we could try a cheaper pair.

I reply, NO but hell no! tried it. No happening ever again.

You know they are expensive.

Yup. That's why I am asking you to do something worth while and get them for mother's day. THe only other time of year I actually get to hand pick out what I want for a gift.

Okay, okay, we will go to the Nike store this weekend and get them. I get your point.

Maybe, he should have not introduced me to the most awesome shoes around for running. Its gonna hurt his wallet this weekend. Though, they will last me another two years.

Way to go Nike.

BTW, nike is not paying me for this. This from my own experience with running shoes. Though it would be nice if Nike would send me a discount coupon for their shoes considering they cost two arms and two legs, plus enternal organs to pay for them.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Is this week. I only have two things plus a small gift certificate to give the teacher thanks to some of the other parents. Ugh, now I don't know what to get her for a gift certificate. The other parents that are not participating in the other stuff haven't sent anything to help out.

I'm not gonna lie that I am a bit peaved about what the other parents pulled. Yet, its their call. It just makes me look bad even though, what I had planned everyone could full participate in it but now the other parents who aren't doing anything won't even help on this.

Okay so I am whining again.

My plan is to hang the birthday banner this afternoon. Decorate her cake this morning with everything eatible that can be put on it.
Deliver cake tomorrow before school. Have daughter give her teacher what she made her.
Work on other gifts for Friday.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Songbird Avenue May Kit/Layout

This is my friend's dog Kodiak. I just love the photos she takes of him. He is such a special creator.

Here is the kit that the elements came from. I am still trying to complete the second layout for this kit believe it or not.

Apology to my readers

I am sorry for whinning to you earlier this week about my whoos that are occurring with things at my kids school. I had no one but the teacher and one person I could turn too. I don't know who is trustworthy anymore. Those that I thought, I could rely on seem two faced and those that I am not sure where their loyalities lies I just keep at bay until I know where they stand is clear.

I have to have some way of "letting it go". So, it was only natural for me to release it here.
I apology if I haven't been leaving my comments on your blogs. I have been way to busy trying to keep all war from breaking out between parents and adminstration at the school.

I can't wait until the summer for the down time. So, I can read and comment.