Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday...breafast at the school

So, I am sitting here typing this to my readers not ready to walk out the door but about 1/2 way there as in getting my hair fixed, make up on, presentable clothes for pictures (in case they have a camera and are shooting), and not to mention I still have sleepy heads in my bed. Though, I need to get moving on getting ready myself. Seriously, three person getting ready in my at the same time is so time consuming.

I might have a picture for you later..I know such a tease. I am normally behind the camera instead of in front of it. Most parents are ...

Wish me luck, positive engery. I am putting in my application at a fitness center today. They allow you to bring my kids with me, while I work. So, this is very important because, we don't leave our kids at day care centers or with sitters expect for family or very special friends(Hi Angie! You know your family now). Our kids our responsibility, the end, no questions are allowed to be asked.

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