Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A very special Gift

For months, I have wondering how I was going to get a sewing machine for my daughter and I to start sewing together. She really wanted to learn, and I really wanted this fabric from wal-mart to be able to make cute sun dresses for us. I had been looking at craig's list a lot, Hi dh, yes I had already started for Christmas shopping. So, I saw wal-mart had a basic easy one by brother. I basically had decided that I would put it on the list of items that was for the family for Christmas.

Then a friend discovered she had an old one sitting in her garage. She offered it to me. Hi M! You just don't know what a blessing you have created in our lives. We will never forget it. I will post a picture tomorrow.

I found a user manual for it online. DH is going to download when he is at the office for me.

Then another friend found out that I was getting a sewing machine. She said she had a ton of fabric that I could come get if I wanted it. I said sure. OMG!!!! I am so excited. I know this summer is going to be full of fun.

My oldest is already planning on making her teddy's and dolls clothes. I want to make cute sun dresses for all of us....Remember this fabric. Yeah, now I can make us some sun dresses.

I might even have to find out the measurements of our friend's daughter and make her one for her birthday.

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