Monday, May 17, 2010

The Naked Dragon by Annette Blair

What happens when you mix a curvey character, a stud muffin hubba bubba man dragon, and a book scene that is in the now? You get Mckenna Greylock and Bastain Dragonelli.
The chapters are prefectly portioned like a decilious eatible snack that you eat to much off too fast. Though, you enjoy every niblet and don't mind the food hangover the next day.
As a real person, with real flaws, I totally recommend the book. Now, if hope and miracles could occur in a timely manner in my life too. Well, then I guess I could say life has a happily ever after moments not just in story books.


Anonymous said...

This one was really funny. Bastain is so adorable and I too liked that Mckenna had flaws and she could be an actual person not this completely unreal character.

Stephanie G

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Hi! Good review:) I so gotta get this book! I hear great things about it:) Thanks for reminding me,lol!