Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy MOnday

Well, my house is still and quiet expect for the tapping of my laptop keys as I tap this away.
Today is the start of a very busy week for me. Three days spent at the school, one almost all day, and two before the bell even rings to start.

I must get on to filling out applications for a job. I have tried for weeks but something always comes up to prevent me. Friday it was recovering from a stomach bug. Thursday something else. I have to get on it now.

Mother's day this year was nice and quiet. No rushing around, no craziness of running to packed resturants or stores like in the past. It was very nice. We started out Friday. We got my running shoes and my kids swim gogles for swim team. A curtain rod, for the an area of the house we have to try hanging sheers.

Saturday was the library, Mcdonald's for Breakfast, and Sam's club. We needed snacks for house. We got some.

Sunday was starbucks coffee with a muffin from a store, church, home, and grocery shopping.

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