Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Cleaning and Resting day

Ouch, soar muscles...okay not only am I soar from some serious spiritual working out I have been doing but physical as well.

So, today, I am resting and cleaning.

To those that go to work sick with virus and spread the unwelcome love germs. Please stop. Serioulsy, its like watching a cat cough up a hair ball. Its just plain nasty. How do I know its you? You give it to my family members then I am left to rid my house your nasty germs.

To anyone else that is trying to stay healthy...wash your hands, use a cleaner that essential oils and vinegar in it. What you didn't hear me mention bleach? that's right, we over use bleach based products causing germs to mute in their little bodies. So, Try something new. I have and it worked. Even my DH when in stops to notices the house is much cleaner than before. GEe, you think dear. I know, so. It is.

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