Friday, May 28, 2010

Burnt Offerrings by Laurrell K. Hamiltion

Anita Blake, Jean-Claude, wereanimals, police specializing in the paranatural sciences, and vampire council are all in a fight for the righteous thing to do. Between figuring out who is starting fires, and the fire within the vampire society, Anita has here plate per saying full enough. You want suspense, thrill, and a good read. You got it.
The best part about book 7 of the Anita Blake series is it address a moral and a personal issue of accepting yourself as you are whither it be within a society or an outsider. A phrase is repeated in the book, about acception the best to become harmeous with it. I think its something we as a society don't do enough. Accept ourselves the way we are, so, can accept others with flaws that make them special.

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Anonymous said...

I tried reading this series but I had to force myself through the first one and couldn't get past a few pages of the second one. Not my cup of tea but I'm glad you like it :-)

Stephanie G