Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday..brain where for out thou?

I can't get my brain out of the clouds. I, so, need my vitamins that have some serious minerals that keep my wandering brain on track. i have so many things that I need to be doing. I just can't it on track. Seriously, I need something.

Okay day one of a busy week down. On day two..one of my kids woke up at 4 am. I gave her some medicine, put everyone back to bed. Luckily, duck is still in bed snoozing. The other one is up doing her mandatory reading. I am blogging instead of doing whatever I need to do.

Angie-I hope your mil gets well soon. I hope this does not affect your vacation plans.

Jo Lynne-Give your nephew a hug, and congrats..I haven't read the entire article on the award yet.

EVeryone else..sorry if I haven't commented on your blog. Its a crazy time of year.

Hey, need a quick pick me up? Starbucks has happy hour for a limited time only 3-5 pm frappocinos are half price. Yes, I am going to get me one of those before the sale goes off. They are cheaper than Mcdonalds.

de-weed front yard
excerise include lift weights for back and abs
finish banner
start taco soup
clean up-vaccumm rugs, put away laundry
get banner laminated
check on several friends/associates having rough time

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