Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apology to my readers

I am sorry for whinning to you earlier this week about my whoos that are occurring with things at my kids school. I had no one but the teacher and one person I could turn too. I don't know who is trustworthy anymore. Those that I thought, I could rely on seem two faced and those that I am not sure where their loyalities lies I just keep at bay until I know where they stand is clear.

I have to have some way of "letting it go". So, it was only natural for me to release it here.
I apology if I haven't been leaving my comments on your blogs. I have been way to busy trying to keep all war from breaking out between parents and adminstration at the school.

I can't wait until the summer for the down time. So, I can read and comment.


Nicole K/GothamGal said...

Thinking of you. Please don't think that you ever have to apologize--it's your blog and if unloading makes you feel better, this is certainly your place to do it.
Take care!

jasjawillis said...

no need to apologize Sam. It's going to be okay - the school year is almost over!