Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday End of the Year Luau

Yes, folks its finally here. The end of the year party for my oldest child. Can we do the happy dance? Seriously, a big time happy dance. I feel very lucky to be able to be here while my oldest is growing and doing things. So, its pizza in the classroom, then a small field trip to the park down the street to their splash pad and their play area for some old fashion fun. What the kids don't know is that I am going to bring a cd players for freeze dance. This classroom of kids are the best. They totally love everything old fashioned.

Okay, I totally got a nice compliment yesterday from a man at the pool. I had the my youngest being punished because the child threw a tempertanturm on school grounds over not getting their own way. Not having it. Totally, not having that in my house. The guy ways up and says, "hello, sexy". Do you know how that made me feel great? It made me feel awesome. Oftem people tell me I glow or I have a glowing personality. Though, I really don't see it myself. Maybe, I'm just blind to my own abilities. Pssst, hay, partners in a relationship, you wanna lift up your partners? Seriously, compliment the hell out of them. They will feel so good about themselves, and their relationship with you. Now, if my DH would remember that.

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