Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Great Scout Debute

We are unsure weather to continue scouts again next year. My DH thinks I messed up by switching troops. He thinks there was nothing wrong with the old troop. Yet, the really sweet and protected children from the old troop have left as well to the troop we are in.

Even if we had stayed in the old troop the troop leader would not have gotten any thing for my child for selling cookies including the badge she earned by selling 40 somethng boxes. The new troop leader thought the old troop leader is being a prune and unfair. I have to agree. I have taught preschool for years. You have to make the classroom fun, fair, and caring. My DH would rather them do tae kwon do. I agree with him. All kids need to know self defense. Unfortunately, the world has turned into a very ugly place to live, and work. They need to know how to protect themselves.

So, we are having the great scout think presidental electionals are bad..wait until it concerns kids.

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