Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday toss out work day

I'm really not on strike. Not with our move coming up in the next two weeks. I just have way to much stuff going on to do much today.

We have the kids class this morning. The immediately after they have a play date with friends they haven't played with in over a year. So, its pretty exciting!

Yesterday was productive day for me. I did two layouts, found pictures for the very last make mine mini week class(I wish they would keep this going at least on a monthly basis) packed a two areas, cleaned alot of things, organized my tupperware a bit, got the kids to pack their littlest pet shop but in boxes they can continue to play their toys, dealt with moving companies with DH, and got him to understand the importanced of not removing information from our spiral notebook for the house hunting/moving/and possible estimates for improvements before we move.

Not mention I stayed up to 11 pm to make sure he got the door on time for his work last night. he is still there..another day as an it tech widow. He will be home tonight.

summer review Homeschool -don't you love schools-ps my kids are not failing their math skills just are not above average like the rest of their education skills
pack up linens not being used
dinner-grill cheese sandwhiches with salads
chat at 7pm with Tia Bennett-can't wait girl!

A very special Thank you to Shimelle at Two peas! You rock girl!! Thank you for taking your time with me yesterday. I hope my mini book won't disappoint you.

Water Play element kit

Water Play Elements June 2009.zip

I hope you like these photos I took of our gear while at the pool. i have extracted just the cooler and water doodles for a layout. I decided to release the photos that I have added a slight drop shadow too. its very fant. have fun with it!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Adventures in Bra Shopping

yummy but doesn't work with my active lifestyle. Grant it would be perfect if I worked in an office setting..I don't I stay home and am always on the go-go.

Yummier but wrong color scheme and definitely wouldn't work with moving and active lifestyle.

This was on clearance with matching undies. I text my dh to just mess with him.

Getting closer to what I need but not close enough.

Better-defintely a little more sexier

Sexy but don't know about brand reliability as in will it fall apart during first wash.

Much better but I think its defintely way to big. Not a playboy top anymore (benefits of nursing I had a nice top for awhile).

This was at a local wal-mart. I have multiple wal-marts withing 20 minutes of driving of my current home. Unfortunately, i won't relieve which one it is. The employees unfortunately are not trained to deal with "fitting" and measuring for a bra. I have fun looking for one.

Okay, Why such a post? How many of us don't know how to explain to others the difficulty in finding an appropiate bra? I know Oprah did a special on getting fitted for one. Expect for everyday women, on a realistic budget, and realistic stock available, what is there really for us to choose from? Is there anyone that makes an active bra to go under t-shirt type material but yet makes it look nice without the wiggles and jiggles.

The only kind that I found that would come close is danskin now but I didn't see my size on the hangers. Of course, DH wasn't there to help search the racks for me too! He gets slightly embrassed but knows that it is important women have good support system for the taa-taas (hope you don't mind the nick name, its better than the others).

So, who is with me on the frustrations of searching for the correct "wear" as a mommy.

Hay..Grace...yes..saving grace actor Holly Hunter...what's your opinion on the matter. You seem really grounded as a person and an actor.

Yes, I embrace my grace!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration

The last two are together...they are a two pager out of order..but still good inspiration.

I maybe losing my computer..I keep getting weird error messages when I start my computer it. It is definitely not working right. Just a heads up..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Catch up on our News

If you missed the press confrence, then the bank finally notified us we have financing for our home we have put the offer in on. We have exactly over one week and 5 days before closing. A week after that actual movers coming in and moving stuff. Then his parents are driving out to help us hang pictures and get one more couch, bedroom suites for the kids, and an office desk. Don't get me wrong, I love my in laws, however, they are retired and a limited income. I feel that they spend entirely too much money on the family. I love when i have help but not at the expense of them going into debt. Does that make a whole lot of cents to you(corny joke, I know)?

My youngest has to have a scope done on July 13th to see why the stomach is not settling down so much and is always in pain.

I am have a special nuclear imaging done to see why my gallbladder is acting up and how it is functioning on top of all this.

Today, Sam's club and wal-mart day. I wanted to do it yesterday afternoon but ran out of time with two doctor's appointment, late lunch with DH, and oh did I forget to mention the extra blood test etc..geez. No, wonder I couldn't get my butt out of the bed at 5:30 am in the morning for a run when its cool.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Its offical from the bank.. we

have been approved for the house.

The good news is that only my inlaws will be coming back out shortly after we move in. The last plans were they were going to bring my niece with them. Thank heavens they have decided against. Moving is crazy enough and so is settling into it.

So, if your mirrors are broken, the volocanos are irrupting, and or the earthing is quaking..its only me shouting from mountain tops...we have it..expect for the keys in hand and the john hancock on the mortgage papers..so

please keep your fingers crossed, the i's dotted and the t's crossed until the next press cofrence from me.

The winner is

background A for the new plastic surgery for my blog.

A will go up sometime in the next two weeks. B will go up if we move into our new house...at the end of july..

Day 3 Friday frugal bugel...

which means two doctors appointments (one for me and one for one of my kids), multiple stores for bargains on groceries and other basic needs, discovering that its time for new bras and trying to figure out if I want to look like a super model with my taa-taas shoved up into my throat with the lastest (you gotta wear this bra to look like a hot mama advertisement), looking over my shoulder consistently due to a very bad dream this morning, and finally getting two of my crew ready out the door for a baseball game tonight. Though our baseball team seriously needs to catch a fire.D-backs should really listen to Toby Mac's Whoopsie Daisy (Catch a fire), they might actually turn into the winning team again.

I still the rest of my followers to leave a comment for below. This way, I will have a fair voting system for my new plastic surgery look for my blog. since Dh won't pay for a tummy tuck, and lasic eye surgery for me. I guess some one should get it in my life. Quote, "That's vanity. We all get old and saggy. Deal with it". Excuse, "I really don't want to get old, saggy, and look like a cave woman who's the physican of the cave". I don't think any of us want to get old and saggy, now do we.

Oh, shucks..did I just break another one of those southern bell rules where we don't talk about age or aging...deal with it ancestors..what is it that you guys loved to quote."the truth shall set you free". I'm free free falling..

Sorry if this is a little weird for my followers. Just not in a "happy, happy, joy, joy mood (loved ren and stimpy in high school).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 4 Thursday tattle tale

You heard me right..I am tattling on myself to the whole world. i have been a lazy person in the last 48 hours. Not sure why and don't care why. The pint of starbucks ice cream that we got free with a coupon from the company is gone, and the father's day cake..GONE too. Not in a mood to really do anything. Call it a depressed time before next week when we go insane with packing or the fact we still are sitting on pins and needles waiting to have the john hancock signed on the house and keys in our hands. Its soooo hard no to get over excited but the last time I did that we didn't get a house for over a year.

Okay, I have updated the link to my friends blog..see post below for the new link.

I have a contest. I have finished doing plastic surgery for my blog's appearance however I can't decided which one you guys will be able to read the text on. So, Leave comments telling me which one you like the best. The one with the most votes..wins..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 5 Wednesday oh boy again...

Again, I struggled to get out of bed between my gallbladder and this high pressure system from the pacific for the first hurricane of the season. Its very difficult for me to functions.

I really need to be running more and excerising like I was before the gallbladder attack. hay Genn--why don't we work together..to both get back what we had..oh the smaller clothes thing doesn't work.. tried it already..just makes you depressed.

I will be releasing the photos I took of waterdoodles, and a cooler for my challenge entry at two peas in a few days. Have fun playing with it.

Today is a free day. Only two things to do is swimming, excerise, and library. Oops did I say two, I meant three. We love the library system. It has so much to offer other than books now a days. Instead of returning movies from blockbuster, I get them from the library and shows on dvd.

Hopefully, my dh will get more sleep tonight than last night. His work had him im bed by mindnight and back up by 5:30 am.

I'm almost done with my ex-students pictures. I just have two more layouts. Then I will zip it close and wait for his parents to call me.

The count down has begun for our move. So, far its a gooo goooo. We are getting excited!!!

Still waiting on my DH, to contact HP about my laptop..and the recall. I told him to as about a trade in policy for upgrading this...okay item for a nicer one like with cars. Probably won't happen but its worth asking..

have you gone to my friends blog..let me know..I will send you a monogram cursive letter before its released..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


my friend feel loved. She is my best friend. We stay connected by phone and email.

So, I need your to fly on over to her blog. Follow her blog. She doesn't update it much because not many were following her.This is a deal on my friend..a year and two months after our relocation due to a job. She is being relocated for the second time due ot her husband's job. she is leaving her entire support system where she lives now. Her kids are the best besides MIne that is. So, please go to the site below and leave some love...

She has had a few people from the church we went to help but its just her and her family packing etc.

http://www.willisfamilyadventure.blogspot.com or try this...


Day 6 Tuesday Chatter box

good news, closing coordinator called my DH for the house we are waiting on to hear from the bank to say its good to go. This means so far its a good to go...Seriously, you will hear me singing from the mountains. Oh, wait you might not want that..might cause a rock slide...You get the point. i can sign but not professionally..

Converstaion this morning with youngest:

yyc: Can I have cake for breakfast?

me: do I look like bill cosby that serves cake for breakfast?

yyc: Uh uh mommy.

me: (this is where the "mean nutrionist mommy comes into play), No, we are not eatting cake for breakfast. this is not a family comedy show.

yyc: ah-sucks..

Oh, yesterday was a disaster for us behavior wise. My yyc seriously needed a nap but that would mean another before 5 am wake up call. So, we had hitting, ugly name calling to the oldest silbing, tanturms when their father got home, and oh did I meantion tanturms. Yes, my yyc that is going into first grade totally resorted to preschool behavior.They lost having cake for snack, fruit roll ups for desert, and almost broke our fridge. Ooops did I mention that they lost swimming too. If they are not going to follow directions at the house then they don't get swimming at the pool.

I got make mine mini assignment down. You will have to scroll down to the gallery to see it. I used Michelle Underwood's blog free of a kit that she retired a few months or year ago. It was so much fun to play with.

I will try to get pictures uploaded from father's day for you.

Giveaway at Monogram Chick


Super dupery cute..have you regristered yet?

Monday, June 22, 2009

DAy 7 Monday Mize Muze

After a weekend of resting, watching tv, eating (lots of it, weight gaining food),and enjoying each other.

We are back to getting on track, summer review work, cleaning and packing, and balancing our lives to a degree.

To do list:

clean kitchen
summer review
special classes

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day 2009

We discovered on Saturday 6-20-2009 that my laptop a campaq presario c700 is basically dying from over heating. My DH is thinking that its from using my laptop for digital scrapbooking. It wasn't made for the multiple layers that i have been doing in the recent month. he said that once we move into a new house, I get a new computer that has more memory than my current one. It's not made for my hobby.

My husband is having a great weekend. A weekend of not going any where, time on the couch with me watching deadlist catch, royal pain, ncis season three, candy, chicken cath a tory, and two cakes waiting for him tomorrow and the next day.

Other than having an easy going weekend, its hot outside. Its already hitting over a 105 degrees before noon lately. Its offically summer in the desert.

Below is the pub ad inspiration that I find interesting for this week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

ad inspiration from last sunday

yeah, I know its a week late. Its been a week and a day at my house with my crew. What is it about summer and rules are made to be broken in kids any ways?

there it is above.

Saturday..oh the day before father's day

and we have been celebrating since Friday at 5pm. My DH got one of his new favorite dishes for dinner with buttered toast. He got to watch the 3rd season of NCIS with his wife tonight's in a row. He has gotten multiple homemade gifts and cards from the kids. Later today, even though the time stamp says friday it will be saturday before you know, the kids will decorate a cake for their father at a local store's bakery section. Cost $5.00, great activity for character building in kids, great wearing out activity, great tasty treat on Sunday, and just a great time for all.

I'm still not excerising. i am waiting until Monday when I have been on anti-inflamatories for inflation of the stomach. then a follow up appointment with my doctor this coming friday. There will be a major change in our diets to prevent the extent of gallbladder attack I have suffered from in the last week. needless to say, I really wished someone had just shot me dead than suffer through that again. Oh, don't worry, as soon as we move into a larger place, and the kids are settled surgery will be scheduled for the removal of said organ.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend enjoying father's day.

Day 8 Friday anticipation**Updated**

I had my ultrasound yesterday. I nearly threw up over the ultrasound tech as they took pictures of my belly in the areas of pain I have. Needless, to say the tech confirmed without saying much that they found something. Not adhessions but something else. Needless to say, I will be on the phone today trying to get the results of the scan. Am I worried..yup. Am i showing it? Nope. Do I think its something serious...don't know until I hear what the doctor says.

Today get the house clean, laundry (mt. laundry as I like to call it), confirm cake decorating time at a local store for father's day, scrapbook for a challenge, chat time at noon, finish scrapbooking for an ex-friend.

Chicken catch a tory is for dinner. I figured I would start the weeked off right for hubby. Oh don't forget swimming.

Just got off the phone with the doctor. They are thinking its my gallbladder that is acting up or revolting at this point. Whatever it is I want it to stop. I go back in this coming friday for follow up tests.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meaning behind my Necklace

I got this from my mil about eight years ago. I notice that the design was from a possible celtic background. She didn't know if it had meaning or importance. After asking a complete, stranger at a baseball game to find the meaning behind celtic heritage, I found this jewlery company that specializes in meaning and keeping the the traditions alive.

So, here is what the company said about my necklace..Yes a layout is coming from this.

"Well, looking at this design, it seems to not necessarily be a Celtic design but there may be some Celtic influence in it. It doesn't appear to be a weave pattern, but rather a filigree pattern, arranged to represent the Heart symbol.

The spiral and filigree designs are reminiscent of the organic shape of barley heads, though they could easily be another specific plant shape as well or even a simple vine.

The Heart symbol itself is an ancient symbol going back to Egyptian times. Going back to the region known as Cyrene, where a city once stood and a particular plant called Silphium, which is now extinct. The seed pods of the plant Silphium are heart shaped and it is thought that this was the source for the stylized design.

Later, the Catholic Church took it on as ascribing to holy or sacred love and still later, the Victorians picked it up as a symbol of romantic love.

Your piece is done I think in the style of Victorian design but as it is a Christian style cross, it probably signifies divine or sacred love. The vine like designs making the shape of the heart lend an Earthy dynamic and illustrate the concept of creating something spiritual through the process of the physical.

The spirals on the bail may be Celtic in nature, but the Spiral was hardly only Celtic. It also has a rich and varied history. In Celtic cultures it often represented the cycle of birth-death-rebirth. It also represented the process of manifestation from the unseen into the seen, or the creation of something from seemingly nothing.

The shape of the spiral also displays a relationship to divine movement, often referred to as the Divine Mean or the Golden Ratio."

Day 9 Thursday Ultrasound day

When I made this appointment earlier this week. I tried to make it for first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, they couldn't make it until afternoon which means while I am typing this I have to shovel food down my throat until 6:30 am. Then nothing and I mean nothing to eat until after 2 pm today. I can drink water or gatorade until the test. The test is at 1 pm. Its going to be fun until then. Starting at 1 pm I have drink one whole bottle of water 16 oz. Then at noon another 16 oz and no pottying until after the test. Supposedly we do this naturally and even hold our pee-pee up to three hours without thinking about. the only reason the test is so hard is because we are actually thinking about it. Don't you love physic 101.

Today nothing really going on other than trying to finish my ex-students stuff. Uploading a necklace for background information on the weave.

You need a supper idea try my healthy blog from yesterday.

I have a contest. See below.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Contest for a sample of my alpha in the works

Here's the deal I am working on an alpha set,Upper case right now..

If you want to a sample letter then leave me a comment and email me at meanmomdigitalproductions@gmail.com. then YOu have to agree to let me use your layout or card that you used this one alpha in when I release the kit in a week or soo..Its blue and white...

Day 10 Wednesday...

no funky titles today everyone. Its just wednesday. I broke down yesterday afternoon. I asked the doctor if I could take some phenagrin (sp) to help me sleep. I said I was trying to not take any pain medicine because it irriates the stop. Since, my stomach was already very irriate and hurting. I didn't need to add to the pain. They said it won't hurt my stomach or the result of the ultrasound.

First night in about 5 nights of a good nights sleep.

Today is stay at home again with the kids.We will have summer home school. Clean up a bit. We will probably go swimming with lunch at the pool. Then come home with a bath and television time.

Other than that taking it easy before the week of packing, cleaning, test results, etc come.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 11 Tuesday Tumble

I went to the doctor yesterday. They have ordered ultrasounds to see what is going on. surprisly enough, I really went through the rough when the checked around my liver. I have never had liver problems before. i don't know why. So, Thursday afternoon, I will go for some very extensive ultrasounds. I won't be able to eat for 6 hours, and only drink water for two before the examine.

I have told my DH yet that it involves my liver. He has had some very stress days lately. I figured that once we have results and the doctor has some answers, I will haul him into the doctor's office with me. Let him figure out, how he will handle whatever is going on.Though it does make sense for some of the pain and nasau I have been feeling.

Today finish cleaning up around the house before the bug man comes to take care of our ants. We will head to the pool after he is done doing that.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 12 Monday Muckers..

I still feel bad. I will be taking my youngest and me to the doctor's office today. Between the consistent peeing problem for the youngest and my body in revolt. Its time to see the doctor's office.

Yesterday we again, made it to the baseball game. It was the mascot's birthday. They had all the mascots from the other teams there to help celebrate expect for Rockie from the Phoenix Roadrunners minor hockey league that shut down back in April. We got to see everyone of them expect scorcher. They all took off half way through the signing session and left fans hanging. The best thing about session. Is that my youngest got the final photo shoot with Howler from the Phoenix coyotes. He even blew a kiss in a previous shoot with me. I wanted to remember the guy for my youngest who loves hockey.

I got everything done last night I needed too, including shopping for said groceries. You'd think my DH would escort me and help me..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He said he started feeling bad too. I just want to slap him up side the head like in NCIS and yell probee get to it. Expect it won't work.

For the big news, our niece was diagnosised with SWINE full. Unfortunately, where she lives in this awesome country. They don't shut down the school for quarrinte like here where we live. They don't even probably dip everything in bleach like they are suppose in a preschool. So, its a no brainer how she caught it. I am so glad I no longer live in that crappy state for education, health and well being, and over all treatment of each other. I pray that she makes a full recovery fast. Her parents get some rest as well. No one else in the family catches it. I pray my mil won't try to go over there and help. She and I may not be seeing eye to eye currently. I would never wish any ill on anyone.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Tutorial

is up at the link for tutorials blog at two peas using power point 2007 for digital scrapbooking.

I will hopefully get the other tutorial typed up and posted for make mine mine week 1 assignments.

Sunday snooze....shopping....snooze

today we are offically back to just us. That means the two kids, my husband, and me. No more coordinating schedules for house walk throughs, furniture shopping (without me), and outside decor shopping and decorating (without me). I don't appreciate being left out, since, I am the one cleaning the stinkin' furtinure, cabinest, flower pots, etc, when said family is coming into town. I went from being respected to being left out withing about 4 days. I am I mad. YES! I am I mad that even though I should have probably gone to the emergancy room Friday night or Saturday, to see why my ovaries which are the only functioning part of my plumbing that was left after surgery two years ago in September 2010, I was made to feel like spoiled brat for trying to take care of my body and be here for a long while for my kids. Yes, this was my DH and mother in law just said I was under the weather..LIKE HELL i WAS UNDER THE WEATHER!!

My heart was not beating right, my breath was short and wheezy, and by lower pelvic region felt like a hurricane had hit with a tornando slamming right behind. They dragged me to eat out, they dragged me to see up, they dragged me to Target to by shoes for the kids, and they dragged me to go get ice cream (not to mention kept trying to force food down my throat when I kept telling them I didn't want anything but a doctor).

Needless, to say, tonight I will have a heart to heart with my husband. Needless to say, it won't be nice. There are some guide lines for the next visit.

Today is another baseball game, the only reason why we are going, is because the kids get a mascot soap dispenser. I may get us to leave early because I truly do not feel good and still have to go shopping for groceries.

These are the candy apples, I'd love to try at the ball park. Each apple costs about $7.00 with tax. My Dh won't buy one and let the family try it. He said we could get the ingridents and make our own. Expect I need some help with cooking instructions from someone who has done it before. So, if you know how to make carmel covered apples covered in m&ms or nuts, or a mixture of both, that would be great!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Giveaway at the address below.


Saturday sickies..

from what I don't know. I think its a combination of things, food allergies, food poisioning, anxiety over our house, family in town, and a touch of other germs. It actually started last night. So, I am trying to get over quickly.

Today is movie day with family, eatting out another meal, (can you see my face turning green with chuncks), grocery shopping, and a call to the doctor's office to make sure I don't have to come in for a check.

Scroll down to the post below for my creativity.

Firework Photos

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 13 Friday Footloose Dance

does the title take you back to 80's? Geez, I loved that movie, and the soundtrack. something about fighting the system, great music choice, and helping others overcoming is great.Why that movie came to mind? I don't know. Geez, my age is showing. Let me go find some concealer and cover up the fact that...I'm older than I look and feel. Shhh...don't tell my southernbell roots that I admitted that. My ancienters will rollover in their graves and haunt me. I got enough charma to worry about I don't need any bad assistance if you get my drift.

Now for my youngest. We tried the new medicine. The youngest was complaining about the kidney area of the back hurting. I am going to speak to the nurse at the specialist office. I think having kidney pain maybe a serious side affect of the medicine. Not a good sign. I am also checking the paperwork sent home from the pharmacy the other day.

I got a compliment from my DH last night. He said that the spaghetti made with whole wheat angel hair pasta was really good. So, in fact, that he was glad tonight was just us, his kids and wife night, no other family around. He said there was something about just being together and quiet that was nice. He said that he has gotten to were he can't handle the high rich food from resturants like he use to when he worked for the other company in the south. He thanked me for the good food. I haven't had that type of attention from him in awhile.

Tonight is baseball at the diamondbacks staduim. We won't be making the lifehouse free concert tomorrow. We will be spending time with his parents before they leave.

My oldest drew these cool flowers. They are bright and cheery, and very much what other digital scrappers are looking for. I am going to publish the work of art as kit. Credits for the design going to my odd. My odd totally gets the art side from me. My original goal in life was to be a graphic artist with a minor in children's illustration. So, I see me in my oldest.

A very special shout out to my friend Gennifer. Thank you for your kind gift of software! I will have more on that gift later..Right now THANK YOU GENNIFER.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 14 thursday tinker winker talk

so, let's talk my youngest health and insurance situation. Many of you know, that we recently took our youngest to a tummy specialist. I freakin have a love hate relationship with these guys because I can't pronounce their name, they have a holier than now attitude, and generally they fix things without to much trouble. This time is different. Since birth our youngest (just like the older sybling), has had trouble with tummy. they put the children on liquid zantac, which smells and tastes like dog crap that has been boiled and drained to make this medicine. When we had to give it to them, it was usually an airplane dog fight where the children go down losing with parent forcing the medicine down the throat, and the children throwing up the majority of this medicine. Luckily it seemed that the children had out grown it, until the last six months. The youngest seems to have gotten the tummy problem back. So, after multiple allergy test from two different doctors, one rectal exam, and now a new fear of going to the doctor. Thanks docs, just what we needed a fear of doctors. Let just give you an examine that let's you feel an ounce of what this child feels and bedside manners might improve.

So, they prescribe this medicine. It worked wonders within a 24 hour period of starting the medicine. Then the pharmacy called stating that this medicine wasn't pre-approved, the doctor's office has to start the appeal process to be cover, and thus after weeks of fighting by phone, letter, email, and in person by the insurance meditator at my DH's work. The insurance company refuses to cover this $650.00 medicine per month even though, the records indicate that the child in question really does need it. After countless, conversations with the nurses at the specialist office and the state's insurance governing board. We are trying new medicine. Though clinical studies have shown that in children this medicine isn't know for a good success rate. Neither is other medicine that the insurance company states it will cover. Once we have tried, tortured both my child and we the parents then and only then will they cover the medicine.

After yesterday's conversation, this medication in question will be available over the counter in a few months. So, all this fighting may be for nothing. Needless to say, I hate the word protcol and would love to take the word in its physical form and shove it some where cause a major change in the medical/presciption world. Then and only then children with curable situations might get the respect they so deserve, and need. Grant my child won't die from this but it is still very hard on everyone.

So, today and tomorrow will be just my family. No extended family members causing drama king and queen situations. We need some down time. Though, I don't know how they are going to bring our neice then great grand mother out here within a two week of each in the summer high heat. Go figure !

I have been up since before 5 am. I am now ready for a nap to which I can't have one. To much on plate including starting to pack stuff for our move. Though, I really can't pack much because we still haven't heard from the freakin lazy, brain forgot at home, blonde ditz, can I stratch my balls and approve a loan officer. Needless, to say, this person needs a serious shot of integillency, and humanity. Not to mention, better customer service skills.

So, yesterday, I downloaded a few images of the fox racing logos, and motorcross bikes for an ex-student pictures and layouts I will be messing with.

I started typing up a tutorial for basic use of power point for digital scrapbooking.

I did a layout last night.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 15 Wednesday Wonder

of why my mil would invite herself to my oldest kids dental appoint to have sealants put on her teeth, and to teeth extracted on the bottom. When, she promised the younger one to spend time with younger one alone during this proceedure. Needless, to say, my youngest child got really p.o.d. about it. Have you ever seen a five year old go from perfectly happy to raging tornado of emotions of one second? I have its not a pretty sight. I will quote the drunk gentleman who we ran into at the mall where Toby Keith's resturant is at, "I don't want to get in that child's way. Thank God, its only telling someone to stop or it might actual be a child that could hurt someone." Expect I had the child's tanturm for over an hour from when my mil broke her word the younger silbing. I had to threaten my youngest with an immediate straight bed order if the child didn't behavior for the child's Aunt and Papa. We gave strict warnings to Papa that the younger was not in the mood to have tricks pulled on the child.

Needless to say, mil presences wasn't really necessary. This dentist that we go to, is awesome. They had my child laughing through the two proceedures. They called to check on the child later that evening. Needless, to say my child is getting a prize from the mil and got two $5 bills from the tooth fairy because of the child being a good patient.

As for my creativity yesterday, I finished my make mine mini week 1 class assignement and uploaded to the class sight. I hope they like it. Now to schedule my creativity into the remaining week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 16 Tuesday Tweet Tweet

Okay last night, I started the mini album class that you do a mini album a week. I am doing it digital because I don't really do traditional anymore. I hope that they accept my entry. I need to do a few layouts on an ex-student of mine.

Today is morning class for the kids, then a break, then dentist appointment for the oldest, the rest of our evening will be basically dealing with the kids in and out of awake and sleep mode, and inlaws will have youngest one.

Home inspection went well. No problems. We are just waiting for the loan officer to offically say the loan has gone through. So, we have started looking at furniture for the kids room. We will have to go ahead and order it because they major sale today.

At least today is a little easy to for traveling.

Oh, our tummies are in revolt. We have eatten out way too much. The food is delicious and rich, however, we normally don't eat that much type of food. Tonight we are back to basics!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I didn't get the position on a design team. I was really hoping I made it this time around. Oh well, I won't give me.

Be creative everyday

Today I entered some photos I took into the two peas in a bucket weekly photo challenge. I took them with my cell camera. Grant it, the contest is for a point and shoot or the bells and whistle dslr models. I think the photos are pretty.

Yesterday, I did a layout for buttons and cluster challenges. Not to mention a few more challenges. I also started designing a new face for my blog not sure how it will go.
Requested a calligraphy book for my oldest kid and I to do calligraphy together over the sumemr.

Day before, I asked my mother in law for help with the drapes in my den and living area because if the home inspection goes well, they have to go. they are just too dated and not "sexy" enough for me. I may not be stylious with my dress but my house has to have an atmosphere of calm, relaxing, and sexy to keep the marriage alive. I don't do the complete interior design thing but I do know what I like. I know can ask my mil to help make it happen because she understands me.

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