Monday, June 29, 2009

Adventures in Bra Shopping

yummy but doesn't work with my active lifestyle. Grant it would be perfect if I worked in an office setting..I don't I stay home and am always on the go-go.

Yummier but wrong color scheme and definitely wouldn't work with moving and active lifestyle.

This was on clearance with matching undies. I text my dh to just mess with him.

Getting closer to what I need but not close enough.

Better-defintely a little more sexier

Sexy but don't know about brand reliability as in will it fall apart during first wash.

Much better but I think its defintely way to big. Not a playboy top anymore (benefits of nursing I had a nice top for awhile).

This was at a local wal-mart. I have multiple wal-marts withing 20 minutes of driving of my current home. Unfortunately, i won't relieve which one it is. The employees unfortunately are not trained to deal with "fitting" and measuring for a bra. I have fun looking for one.

Okay, Why such a post? How many of us don't know how to explain to others the difficulty in finding an appropiate bra? I know Oprah did a special on getting fitted for one. Expect for everyday women, on a realistic budget, and realistic stock available, what is there really for us to choose from? Is there anyone that makes an active bra to go under t-shirt type material but yet makes it look nice without the wiggles and jiggles.

The only kind that I found that would come close is danskin now but I didn't see my size on the hangers. Of course, DH wasn't there to help search the racks for me too! He gets slightly embrassed but knows that it is important women have good support system for the taa-taas (hope you don't mind the nick name, its better than the others).

So, who is with me on the frustrations of searching for the correct "wear" as a mommy.

Hay..Grace...yes..saving grace actor Holly Hunter...what's your opinion on the matter. You seem really grounded as a person and an actor.

Yes, I embrace my grace!


Sandie said...

Hysterical. Bras. Oh my. I just went and purchased a few myself. I'll be posting pics tomorrow on my blog. You'll have to check it out. Funny!

Gennifer said...

I've started buying the cute ones again... It makes me feel so much better about the fact that they're sagging!

Gennifer said...

(Because, seriously, I LOVED that clearance one. You should have bought it!)

Linda Rodriguez said...

Arrrgh, bra shopping. I hate it! Actually, I've found a couple of bras that I like that Avon sells, and I've been buying the same styles in different colors. Yay!

Heather T. said...

Yeah, try finding a 42-AAA. Does. Not. Exist. *sigh*