Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunday slippers

My family went to the openning night at WNBA. We had a blast.

This is the mercury's sign to go into the staduim.

These are dogs being traded to help people with disabilities. The yellow lab had such expressions on its face, that I could not get all the shots I wanted too. I wanted to scream, i can I take the dog home. The friend was more laid back.

The next picture is of the hip hop squad dancers. They were really cool. My kids loved watching them.

More Hip Hop squad. hay bubbles, hollywoood, and sprinkles my kids want to meet you and take a picture with you. To hollywood, thank you for spotting my youngest in the stands cheering and giving my youngest a high five. It made the youngest's night!

wnba players warming up

Next is a healthy kids meal that they sell at the staduim for the WNBA games. i was really impressed at the effort they are going to for families.

More Hip Hop

half time show with dogs running obscatle courses.

The Phoenix Sun's mascot hummer. I thought it was pretty cool. My kid thought i was crazy for snapping a photo of it.

Good news, the visit is going well so far. Not cross words, no why this or that, just we are actually getting along this time. maybe everyone has come to the conclusion that its better for us to sort things out moving wise than to do things prematurily. Maybe everyone is just so darn excited about maybe being in a house finally that we tossed asides our differences to make it happen.

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