Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 11 Tuesday Tumble

I went to the doctor yesterday. They have ordered ultrasounds to see what is going on. surprisly enough, I really went through the rough when the checked around my liver. I have never had liver problems before. i don't know why. So, Thursday afternoon, I will go for some very extensive ultrasounds. I won't be able to eat for 6 hours, and only drink water for two before the examine.

I have told my DH yet that it involves my liver. He has had some very stress days lately. I figured that once we have results and the doctor has some answers, I will haul him into the doctor's office with me. Let him figure out, how he will handle whatever is going on.Though it does make sense for some of the pain and nasau I have been feeling.

Today finish cleaning up around the house before the bug man comes to take care of our ants. We will head to the pool after he is done doing that.


Gennifer said...

I hope you do tell him, because this is something you shouldn't do on your own.

We love and support each other, that's what spouses do! Give him a chance to do that for you.

And keep us posted. :)

mean mom productions said...

Oh, i will give him a chance to love and support me. Expect he had some really bad days at work lately. He took a nap yesterday. He left here at 1 am today. he won't be back to mid-afternoon, he;ll take another nap. Then go into the office for awhile. He just on overload lately.

Lorell said...

Not fun, Sam! It's hard enough to have a health issue, but all the doctor visits can really be a drag, too.