Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday snapshot

We ate at Toby Kieth's resturant done in Mesa, AZ last night after picking up the in-laws. The best thing on the menu..totally not healthy btw....the fried twinkie's with strawberries and whip cream. Yummy!
Here is the sunset while driving home. I love the gorgeous colors. I know blurry. Hay, I was in a car it was moving at said speed limit. You try taking a descent photo in the back of a vechile.

Today go see the said house we are trying to buy again. Why they can't wait until monday when the inspectors are coming is beyond me! Waste of time, gas, and wear & tear on my vechile. The time would be better spent looking for furtniture for just the kiddos room. Hence no fighting over more furniture for a room I am not planning on furnituring until we have done remodeling work in it. Making said space office/work out /play room. Trying avoid arguments.

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