Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 14 thursday tinker winker talk

so, let's talk my youngest health and insurance situation. Many of you know, that we recently took our youngest to a tummy specialist. I freakin have a love hate relationship with these guys because I can't pronounce their name, they have a holier than now attitude, and generally they fix things without to much trouble. This time is different. Since birth our youngest (just like the older sybling), has had trouble with tummy. they put the children on liquid zantac, which smells and tastes like dog crap that has been boiled and drained to make this medicine. When we had to give it to them, it was usually an airplane dog fight where the children go down losing with parent forcing the medicine down the throat, and the children throwing up the majority of this medicine. Luckily it seemed that the children had out grown it, until the last six months. The youngest seems to have gotten the tummy problem back. So, after multiple allergy test from two different doctors, one rectal exam, and now a new fear of going to the doctor. Thanks docs, just what we needed a fear of doctors. Let just give you an examine that let's you feel an ounce of what this child feels and bedside manners might improve.

So, they prescribe this medicine. It worked wonders within a 24 hour period of starting the medicine. Then the pharmacy called stating that this medicine wasn't pre-approved, the doctor's office has to start the appeal process to be cover, and thus after weeks of fighting by phone, letter, email, and in person by the insurance meditator at my DH's work. The insurance company refuses to cover this $650.00 medicine per month even though, the records indicate that the child in question really does need it. After countless, conversations with the nurses at the specialist office and the state's insurance governing board. We are trying new medicine. Though clinical studies have shown that in children this medicine isn't know for a good success rate. Neither is other medicine that the insurance company states it will cover. Once we have tried, tortured both my child and we the parents then and only then will they cover the medicine.

After yesterday's conversation, this medication in question will be available over the counter in a few months. So, all this fighting may be for nothing. Needless to say, I hate the word protcol and would love to take the word in its physical form and shove it some where cause a major change in the medical/presciption world. Then and only then children with curable situations might get the respect they so deserve, and need. Grant my child won't die from this but it is still very hard on everyone.

So, today and tomorrow will be just my family. No extended family members causing drama king and queen situations. We need some down time. Though, I don't know how they are going to bring our neice then great grand mother out here within a two week of each in the summer high heat. Go figure !

I have been up since before 5 am. I am now ready for a nap to which I can't have one. To much on plate including starting to pack stuff for our move. Though, I really can't pack much because we still haven't heard from the freakin lazy, brain forgot at home, blonde ditz, can I stratch my balls and approve a loan officer. Needless, to say, this person needs a serious shot of integillency, and humanity. Not to mention, better customer service skills.

So, yesterday, I downloaded a few images of the fox racing logos, and motorcross bikes for an ex-student pictures and layouts I will be messing with.

I started typing up a tutorial for basic use of power point for digital scrapbooking.

I did a layout last night.


Audrey said...

Insurance companies have turned our health care system into a nightmare. I have to take thyroid medications, and I can't count the number of issues I've had to deal with, just to get a small bottle of (very) common meds filled each month. Hope it works out soon.

Gennifer said...

I'm sorry, Sam. Keep your chin up, things are bound to improve.

It's so frustrating, though!