Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day 2009

We discovered on Saturday 6-20-2009 that my laptop a campaq presario c700 is basically dying from over heating. My DH is thinking that its from using my laptop for digital scrapbooking. It wasn't made for the multiple layers that i have been doing in the recent month. he said that once we move into a new house, I get a new computer that has more memory than my current one. It's not made for my hobby.

My husband is having a great weekend. A weekend of not going any where, time on the couch with me watching deadlist catch, royal pain, ncis season three, candy, chicken cath a tory, and two cakes waiting for him tomorrow and the next day.

Other than having an easy going weekend, its hot outside. Its already hitting over a 105 degrees before noon lately. Its offically summer in the desert.

Below is the pub ad inspiration that I find interesting for this week.

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