Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 12 Monday Muckers..

I still feel bad. I will be taking my youngest and me to the doctor's office today. Between the consistent peeing problem for the youngest and my body in revolt. Its time to see the doctor's office.

Yesterday we again, made it to the baseball game. It was the mascot's birthday. They had all the mascots from the other teams there to help celebrate expect for Rockie from the Phoenix Roadrunners minor hockey league that shut down back in April. We got to see everyone of them expect scorcher. They all took off half way through the signing session and left fans hanging. The best thing about session. Is that my youngest got the final photo shoot with Howler from the Phoenix coyotes. He even blew a kiss in a previous shoot with me. I wanted to remember the guy for my youngest who loves hockey.

I got everything done last night I needed too, including shopping for said groceries. You'd think my DH would escort me and help me..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He said he started feeling bad too. I just want to slap him up side the head like in NCIS and yell probee get to it. Expect it won't work.

For the big news, our niece was diagnosised with SWINE full. Unfortunately, where she lives in this awesome country. They don't shut down the school for quarrinte like here where we live. They don't even probably dip everything in bleach like they are suppose in a preschool. So, its a no brainer how she caught it. I am so glad I no longer live in that crappy state for education, health and well being, and over all treatment of each other. I pray that she makes a full recovery fast. Her parents get some rest as well. No one else in the family catches it. I pray my mil won't try to go over there and help. She and I may not be seeing eye to eye currently. I would never wish any ill on anyone.


Lorell said...

I hope your niece gets rid of the flu...scary!

Tess said...

Hope everyone feels better!