Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 3 Friday frugal bugel...

which means two doctors appointments (one for me and one for one of my kids), multiple stores for bargains on groceries and other basic needs, discovering that its time for new bras and trying to figure out if I want to look like a super model with my taa-taas shoved up into my throat with the lastest (you gotta wear this bra to look like a hot mama advertisement), looking over my shoulder consistently due to a very bad dream this morning, and finally getting two of my crew ready out the door for a baseball game tonight. Though our baseball team seriously needs to catch a fire.D-backs should really listen to Toby Mac's Whoopsie Daisy (Catch a fire), they might actually turn into the winning team again.

I still the rest of my followers to leave a comment for below. This way, I will have a fair voting system for my new plastic surgery look for my blog. since Dh won't pay for a tummy tuck, and lasic eye surgery for me. I guess some one should get it in my life. Quote, "That's vanity. We all get old and saggy. Deal with it". Excuse, "I really don't want to get old, saggy, and look like a cave woman who's the physican of the cave". I don't think any of us want to get old and saggy, now do we.

Oh, shucks..did I just break another one of those southern bell rules where we don't talk about age or with it ancestors..what is it that you guys loved to quote."the truth shall set you free". I'm free free falling..

Sorry if this is a little weird for my followers. Just not in a "happy, happy, joy, joy mood (loved ren and stimpy in high school).

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Lynn said...

lol!! i hear ya. go down fighting age baby!!