Monday, June 8, 2009

Be creative everyday

Today I entered some photos I took into the two peas in a bucket weekly photo challenge. I took them with my cell camera. Grant it, the contest is for a point and shoot or the bells and whistle dslr models. I think the photos are pretty.

Yesterday, I did a layout for buttons and cluster challenges. Not to mention a few more challenges. I also started designing a new face for my blog not sure how it will go.
Requested a calligraphy book for my oldest kid and I to do calligraphy together over the sumemr.

Day before, I asked my mother in law for help with the drapes in my den and living area because if the home inspection goes well, they have to go. they are just too dated and not "sexy" enough for me. I may not be stylious with my dress but my house has to have an atmosphere of calm, relaxing, and sexy to keep the marriage alive. I don't do the complete interior design thing but I do know what I like. I know can ask my mil to help make it happen because she understands me.

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Sandie said...

Lucky you! A helpful MIL. Wow. I so don't have that.