Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday toss out work day

I'm really not on strike. Not with our move coming up in the next two weeks. I just have way to much stuff going on to do much today.

We have the kids class this morning. The immediately after they have a play date with friends they haven't played with in over a year. So, its pretty exciting!

Yesterday was productive day for me. I did two layouts, found pictures for the very last make mine mini week class(I wish they would keep this going at least on a monthly basis) packed a two areas, cleaned alot of things, organized my tupperware a bit, got the kids to pack their littlest pet shop but in boxes they can continue to play their toys, dealt with moving companies with DH, and got him to understand the importanced of not removing information from our spiral notebook for the house hunting/moving/and possible estimates for improvements before we move.

Not mention I stayed up to 11 pm to make sure he got the door on time for his work last night. he is still there..another day as an it tech widow. He will be home tonight.

summer review Homeschool -don't you love schools-ps my kids are not failing their math skills just are not above average like the rest of their education skills
pack up linens not being used
dinner-grill cheese sandwhiches with salads
chat at 7pm with Tia Bennett-can't wait girl!

A very special Thank you to Shimelle at Two peas! You rock girl!! Thank you for taking your time with me yesterday. I hope my mini book won't disappoint you.


Sandie said...

Exciting time for you! I would LOVE to move. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your stuff, and sounds like you have been busy, busy!