Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 6 Tuesday Chatter box

good news, closing coordinator called my DH for the house we are waiting on to hear from the bank to say its good to go. This means so far its a good to go...Seriously, you will hear me singing from the mountains. Oh, wait you might not want that..might cause a rock slide...You get the point. i can sign but not professionally..

Converstaion this morning with youngest:

yyc: Can I have cake for breakfast?

me: do I look like bill cosby that serves cake for breakfast?

yyc: Uh uh mommy.

me: (this is where the "mean nutrionist mommy comes into play), No, we are not eatting cake for breakfast. this is not a family comedy show.

yyc: ah-sucks..

Oh, yesterday was a disaster for us behavior wise. My yyc seriously needed a nap but that would mean another before 5 am wake up call. So, we had hitting, ugly name calling to the oldest silbing, tanturms when their father got home, and oh did I meantion tanturms. Yes, my yyc that is going into first grade totally resorted to preschool behavior.They lost having cake for snack, fruit roll ups for desert, and almost broke our fridge. Ooops did I mention that they lost swimming too. If they are not going to follow directions at the house then they don't get swimming at the pool.

I got make mine mini assignment down. You will have to scroll down to the gallery to see it. I used Michelle Underwood's blog free of a kit that she retired a few months or year ago. It was so much fun to play with.

I will try to get pictures uploaded from father's day for you.

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