Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday..oh the day before father's day

and we have been celebrating since Friday at 5pm. My DH got one of his new favorite dishes for dinner with buttered toast. He got to watch the 3rd season of NCIS with his wife tonight's in a row. He has gotten multiple homemade gifts and cards from the kids. Later today, even though the time stamp says friday it will be saturday before you know, the kids will decorate a cake for their father at a local store's bakery section. Cost $5.00, great activity for character building in kids, great wearing out activity, great tasty treat on Sunday, and just a great time for all.

I'm still not excerising. i am waiting until Monday when I have been on anti-inflamatories for inflation of the stomach. then a follow up appointment with my doctor this coming friday. There will be a major change in our diets to prevent the extent of gallbladder attack I have suffered from in the last week. needless to say, I really wished someone had just shot me dead than suffer through that again. Oh, don't worry, as soon as we move into a larger place, and the kids are settled surgery will be scheduled for the removal of said organ.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend enjoying father's day.

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