Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 5 Wednesday oh boy again...

Again, I struggled to get out of bed between my gallbladder and this high pressure system from the pacific for the first hurricane of the season. Its very difficult for me to functions.

I really need to be running more and excerising like I was before the gallbladder attack. hay Genn--why don't we work both get back what we had..oh the smaller clothes thing doesn't work.. tried it already..just makes you depressed.

I will be releasing the photos I took of waterdoodles, and a cooler for my challenge entry at two peas in a few days. Have fun playing with it.

Today is a free day. Only two things to do is swimming, excerise, and library. Oops did I say two, I meant three. We love the library system. It has so much to offer other than books now a days. Instead of returning movies from blockbuster, I get them from the library and shows on dvd.

Hopefully, my dh will get more sleep tonight than last night. His work had him im bed by mindnight and back up by 5:30 am.

I'm almost done with my ex-students pictures. I just have two more layouts. Then I will zip it close and wait for his parents to call me.

The count down has begun for our move. So, far its a gooo goooo. We are getting excited!!!

Still waiting on my DH, to contact HP about my laptop..and the recall. I told him to as about a trade in policy for upgrading this...okay item for a nicer one like with cars. Probably won't happen but its worth asking..

have you gone to my friends blog..let me know..I will send you a monogram cursive letter before its released..

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