Sunday, May 31, 2009

School's Out Overlay

School's Out Overlay May

Inspired by my kids getting out of school and a summer assignment to begin learning cursive handwriting. Sorry, its a bit hard to see on the yellow back ground. I had to have it up loaded by today. I am working on some more..monogram type alpha's if anyone is interested.

Sunday Press Confrence

Please excuse the towel head and the half coordinately dressed lady typing this.

Our new cousin was born friday, weighing 8 lbs 4 oz. The new cousin is very healthy and very alert. So, cute too..can I say I am a proud cousin.

Now for the big announcement we have all been waiting for. We have put another offer in on a house. The seller has accepted the offer. Let's see if it passes the home inspection in a about a week. If it does then, we will be moving around the 4th of July again. Only our second time, for this go figure. This must be our favorite time of the year to move. The last time we moved into a house it was the 4th of July weekend. No joke..

If you haven't signed up for the the tag praise game please do.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

saturday screaming shuffle

Okay so here is what has me truly screaming today. My oldest declared that this child didn't want to go to school on the very last day of school. We tried to get the child to go. Even had breakfast at school, the said child still wanted to leave and stay home with my DH who worked from home.

So, I went to the teacher's room to get the said child's report card, only to get a lecture from that said (horrible nasty and can't win a fight with that teacher teacher). This teacher said and I quote these are her words,"Ms Mean Mom you should of known better. You should have made that child come to school. Of all the moms, you should have put your foot." I simply shrugged my shoulders. I refused to get into what my husband calls a pissing war with said teacher. I replied, "I just need my said child's report card, please." Teacher reply,"Well, I am not suppose to release it until I know the cafeteria balance." I replied," I just had a conference to confirm the school district actually owes us money for both, kids. Would you like me to go get the cafteria lady to confirm this for you. I don't mind really." Teacher reply,"Well, you don't have to get an attitude with me." Then I get the report card. I simply say, "Thank you and have a nice summer."

What I wanted to really say to this freaking teacher (freaking is not the actual word that flies across my mind at the moment but you readers get the point). I'm trying not to get an r rating here. First of all, you have had your way all year long. We have played your politicial games all year long to which only caused our child to be picked on by others kids probably by your encouragement. You made my child hate school, hate people, and in general hate life. You made the said child feel small and dumb. I wish you feel an ounce of the pain you have caused in my child's life. You want to know the real reason why my child isn't here today. Go to the freakin office and go talk to the secretary. She has the low down on my child. BTW, misssy my mean mom doesn't mean I am mean. It means I magnificant excellent angelic noble moving original magnetism which means I am sensitive to my children's needs and wants. My child did fine expect math for which we will work on math skils this summer at my child's pace not yours. Thanks for making my child's year totally suck. Thank God this year is over. Thank God for a fresh start in the fall regardless of where my child goes to school other than your classroom. Yes, we listen to rock/metal but you totall drive anyone to it. Have a nice summer you ______________________(you can fill in the blanks with your imagination).

Now for replies to comments...

courtney, there was a link for the tag praise game for week's assigned. I too am at a loss where what month it is at. (sorry if this has attitude but everything to do with lack of sleep and feeling like I am going to loose my gatorade). When I get in this afternoon, I will go search for it myself. I will repost the information for all. Oh, God do I feel like I drank too much alcohol without drinking it. Yucko, I hate that feeling! I don't know how major rock stars do it. I need a personal body guard/assistance like Big John expect on female level. My DH might get a little jealous of another guy in my life. Its just a husband thing.

My to do list:
go house hunting
day game at chase field
come home and figure out what to do for groceries
make sure dh work finally paid the pay checks..

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 23 School's out for the summer

no more teacher's dirty looks, no more books, and when I pick my kids up early they will run faster than a demon being chased by angel out of the school for some serious chill time. Oh don't misjudge the statement above, I fully believe chilldren need a good education but they also need a good balance of fun and chillin time too. That is what the summer is good for.

We are suppose to go do something fun after I pick them up. My oldest wants to go grocery shopping for some rachel ray ingridents /recipes to make at the house, plus snacks for my DH. MY dh wants to go to the movies then a baseball game. I said the baseball game was enough.

So, excited that we can just chill, deal with doctor's appointments for the youngest now,dental for the oldest, and hunt for a house in between all the appointments.

Aly -thanks for the comment on the blog. I'm not done with plastic surgery yet. I am going to be playing around with it for awhile.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A word of advice to

Bank of America employees or realtors...

Please don't be greedy when trying to off load properties that have gone into foreclosure. By not releasing the said, bids on the house(s) that you are listing you make it harder for those that can purchase a home to put in a bid you might look at it.

You want to see your foreclosed properties start flying off the shelve? Do you ? Seriously, do you want to off load those pesky properties giving you a migrane headache?

Instructor or selling agents to disclose all offers on properties and why they were accepted or weren't accepted. Add, be sure to fix any problems found by a home inspector before you put it on the market. This way it will be easier to sell the properties.

Thank you for lending me your ear this morning.

Day 24 Thursday twinkle

We have had over 5 offers on 5 different houses. So, the house hunting is getting really old really fast. Needless to say, instead of having a tempertanturm last night over the house (which I normally do and looking worse than a toddler having one), I hit the internet realtor websites hunting for another house. I found one. Not to mention my dh and I are going to do it together.

He likes the one I found last night but wants more to go look at. A lady at the bank said there are 1,000's more coming out on the market this summer. The lady said that this is something not known to most who are house hunting. She said to keep our eyes open to ensure that we get a good deal.

Today's to do's
take kids to school
straighten out lunch money situation
take trash out (boy are we some serious messy people)
do budget
grocery list
make dinner early
end of the year party
after school classes
Freebie for blog

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Press Confrence for our House

we didn't get because we were out bid by another buyer. I just found out. Very disappointment to say the least. OH, well it wasn't meant to be.

Day 25 Wednesday Whoosh of cleaning

of my house because the kids get out school this friday. They don't like to clean up too much. Actually cleaning up for them is the worse punishment in the world. The whine, throw tanturms, and basically pull a briar rabbit routine until I tell them go clean and don't come out until its past a "Nana and Mommy" clean. This means spotless, nothing on the floor, nothing hidden underneath their beds, and all and I mean all dirty laundry is in the basket in the laundry room. I don't mean thrown to side or hanging on the side of the basket, in the basket.

Okay the house news is, my DH has gone through all the steps to get pre-certified for a loan between two different banks to put an offer in on the house we feel we can honestly live with. The agents have filed the paper work, and everyone is literary sitting above pins and needles until the word comes in that we have been accepted for this house. So, after over a year of searching, multiple offers on other houses, and driving each other literary batty living a too small rental place with four people and no elbow room. OUch...hay kids can you just sit down until I am finishing typing? Thanks you too!

We had the first visit for the tooth fairy. Our oldest finely lost a baby tooth yesterday during their evening classes. Blood, a white uniform, and a room full of kids don't mix very well. It wasn't the two teeth we needed to fall out. It would save us $200 if the child can get those two bottom teeth out by the child's self actions. Needless, to say the one time tooth fairy gift of $5.00 for the first tooth falling out has been delivered and made a child happy.

Today's to do's:
clean master bathroom-done
hanging the upten new shower curtain in there-done
laundry -started
finish freebie for blog
make sure Dh get's sprinkles for the youngest end of the year party at school.-can't reach dh..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 26 Tuesday Torture

of soar muscles in my back. If you haven't been following the healthy blog at have. Well, I over did playing the wii gold's gym cardio work out game yesterday. Plus, running up and down stadium stairs really did my back in. So, i went to bed with a very painful back and hardly moving. Now, this morning I am stretching and tidying around the house before heading out for my run.

Okay, here is the good news. Excuse the total caps thing I am about to do.
We decided that for the money, for the space, and for the our needs, it would meet everything we have discussed. It will cost more than what we originally planned to pay but the reward will be better.It also means that I will have to find any other job, some where once we get relocated. We can afford it on one income, its just easier when you have two incomes coming in.

Today's to do list:
two peas digi chat-done
take kids to school-done
check mail
library-return and pick up
call dentist office-done
go for a run-short run
make a digi freebie to be released before the end of may-started

To my diamondbacks, why, oh why did you have to lose a game that you could have won. Why, oh, why did you guys drop so many balls? You guys totally rocked on the road. At home you sucked worse than a sour piece of candy that you immediately spit out.
What's up? You've got a very loyal fan base here in Arizona. You've got a loyal military fan to which I sat next to yesterday. Even when he was stationed outside of Arizona he went to every game he could to watch you guys play. It was really disappointment for him. Me, I kinda saw it coming once rauch and qualls screwed up the pitching. I know its easier to watch the game than play the game.

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee try to win the next two games against the Padres.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 27 memorial Day Monday

Thank you to all our soliders and their families for their sacrifice they make so we may have the freedom to speak freely, worship freely, and be the individual people that we are all suppose to be.

A very special thank you to our friend who did his time in Iraq. Thank you! You and your family are appreciated and loved.

Yesterday we found the perfect house in my opinion to get, however, its out of our price range that we have agreed as a couple to pay. PLus, the only tub in the house is in the masterbedroom. This means the kiddos will be using my tub until they move out. I just wish the bank would come down a bit on the amount they want. We even tried looking in a different community thinking it would give us the size house we want for the price we want to pay. NOpe..its not. I'm sure if we asked for assistance from family on the down payment we could get it. Expect my Dh and I don't like going into debt to anyone. So, keep your prayers going up, your fingers crossed, and keep checking back in to see the progress we are making.

Today is the baseball game at Chase Field. I can't wait. We get to sit in the all you can eat section. It will be good to see what the view is and if they food is half way descent but not healthy. I can get all the drink I want though.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shh.... be very very quiet

we're going house hunting this morning. I don't want to type this too loud. I don't want to jinx these plans.

Here is some ads for inspiration..if you choose one email me your layout and I will publish here on my blog.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A family vs. health/prescription Company

So, many of you know that we have been seeking medical treatment for our youngest for the stomach problems the child is complaining about. We followed all proper protocol for the current health insurance and Prescription Company that we pay for through my DH work.
We went to the specialist a week ago. The specialist gave us samples to try first with a prescription for the said medicine to try. Well, before we ran out of the samples we turned in the prescription to the pharmacy. We get a call from the pharmacy saying that it was not “pre-approved” by our prescription insurance but the pharmacy has started the process for pre-approval. Could we the parents call the doctor’s office to ensure that they contact the insurance company, for a resolution that is speedy (love Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood terms sometimes).
So, we called the doctor’s office. They had already submitted the form to the insurance company. We might want to call the insurance company to just give them the urgency to make a speedy resolution.

This is the conversation that followed.
Code for conversation: p.c (prescription company), and us (family members).
Us: yes we are calling to ensure that our child can have her medicine covered.
PC: The pre-approval has been denied because the doctor didn’t follow our protocols to have approval for this medicine.
US: Say what?
Pc: you didn’t try these said medicines that our pharmacist has said you need to try. They are capsules and a suspense liquid that can’t be flavored.

US: Excuse, one this is a five year old that can’t swallow capsules and the suspense liquid must be flavored because she won’t swallow it if it takes awful.
PC: Denied until you try these others.

Us: you understand that by taking this route it will bet torturing my child with medicine that has been already used and doesn’t work. Also the child will then have an unnecessary scope procedure because the said child is on the wrong medicine.
PC: You are still denied until then.

Us: You know what you are asking is considered child abuse and abuse of your own protocol with the health insurance company.
PC: You are still denied.

Us: are you even human, man or woman?
Pc: we are human just follow the protocol.

Us: you know that the child will choke on said capsules and throw up said medicine.
PC: You are still denied.
US: you know that have just caused your company a lawsuit, right? One in which, we will own everyone one you’re stupid backsides and the word protocol will no longer be allowed.
PC: Protocol ,Protocol.

At that point, my DH walks into the room takes over the conversation. He then instructed me to get the doctor’s office on the phone. Unfortunately, it only went downhill from there. They first couldn’t find my child in their new system. Then they were going to send me to a clinic over an hour away from me for more samples to keep this child very happy and pain free. Then they realized that one closer had samples on hand. Phew, no fighting traffic!

In the mean time, DH and his insurance coordinator had a conversation about how to get the said medicine covered. In the mean time my cell phone missed several calls from the doctor’s office which I will return Tuesday to ensure that they file an exception form to the protocol because it’s a pediatric cause not an adult case. Not to mention the huge improvement in eating, sleeping, and oh overall behavior of the child.

Difficult Decision

After much debt with my family, and other facilities that my kiddos have to go to this year, I came to the conclusion that I would be personally unfit to work as a counselor at the summer day camp. I so loved to work at. The decisions were not an easy one for me to make. Usually, when I give my word, I can keep it. Currently, that is not the situation.

I made it not just for my kids but the other kids I would be supervising. If I am mentally pre-occupied with medical well being of my children and how to make sure their medical treatments and the medicine is covered then I wouldn’t be worth a dime to watch other people’s kids.

To my director and staff at the camp, you guys truly make my summer when I can work. It’s the only thing that I can think of during the day that puts a smile on my face even when it’s a completely shot day between phone calls and appointments. I hope you guys find it in your hearts to eventually forgive me but also understand my side of the situation. I will always cherish you, individually, and together as a group. You are a welcome part of my life. Feel free to contact us for a visit anytime.
We will greatly you miss!

I will not be made to feel guilty by anyone for keeping all children safe, not just my own.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What are they thinking?

Okay, so the rumor has it that my mother-in-law wants to come out here in June 2009. She was just here in March 2009. It wasn't a very fun visit at all. In fact it was miserable visit. Everyone hated it. They were sick, we were sick, and no one got along. I mean it was not like the family fued game on television it was down right crappy as in the cuss word for what comes out the back end of animals and humans. Kinda of distguishing but that is the only way I could described those 5 days together. Typically, we get along great but ever since we moved out here to our new state there has been tension between us (my Dh and I) and his family. I don't understand it. Its quit frustrating.

Now any time before or after, June and July the desert is a great place to come visit and live. Once June and July hits, you usually carry a bottle of what every where. I mean every where including the bathroom depending where you are. If you feel like you are feeling ill, the government and I do mean the government has hydration station set up on the side of the road to ensure and to prevent dehydration deaths, and heat stroke. It generally gets to be around 115-120 from about 9 am to 7 pm. So, its critical that you drink, and I am not talking about a good strong alcohol drink. I mean water. the plain jane stuff that either comes out of the tap or in a bottle you buy. This is how serious the dry heat is around here. They continual put warnings out over the television and radio to either stay inside or take lots of water with you.

So, not only are they planning to come back out here but they expect me to take off a week from my counseling position at a local camp for a week to babysit them. Its not just a visit, its a visit to quote,"help us hunt for a house". LIke we are a bunch of freaking minors not knowing how to hunt for a house that we would like to live in. First of all, we have bought and sold two houses already. Secondly, this is our house. We have a general idea of what we want, how big it really needs to be, and where we want to buy it. THirdly, this is not a time of year to bring more eldery people out here. What in tarnations are you going to do with the elderly family members that you intend to bring with you? THey can't come house hunting with us. It will literary either put them in the hospital or kill them.

Don't volunteer me for painting the said house you think we need. I am not a piece of property or your employee, i am human being with feelings that you are have been on stomping and invading. Don't volunteer me going back to work so we can get a monster of a house that will bankrupt us. We don't want a monster house. This isn't the freaking south where you have to put on facades by entertaining. Your son is a hermit and hates to entertain unless its his idea.

So, conclusion, you are not thinking my dear family. You are trying to control something you have no control over. When its suppose to happen it will happen. If you interferre before our home comes in then it won't be our home or letting destiny have its way. There are repercussions for trying to interfere when you are not suppose to. Take your own advice, let go it will happen at the right time; there is no control expect that which is given to us. We are not giving you control because no one seriosly has control.

I hope I don't sound like a freaking idiot.

Day 28 Friday Flicker

My kindergartener has an end of the year program today. She isn't feeling well. I am excited because originally we were told there was no ceremony/show.

Its raining in the desert. yes, it is really raining in the desert. What a day!

Today's to do list:
get kids to school
attend kindergarten show
organize closet
finish Big Sister layout
Write recipes down

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 29 Thursday Mourning

yesterday a pitcher on the dbacks lost his wife unexpectedly. So, in respect of the team's wishes and to show support for them. I ask you to write a small sign write #60 we are praying for you, post it in your car window where it won't block your view driving but will remind others to pray for this family. Apparently, this family lives in a town close to me. so, to you we are praying for you.

Diamondbacks, way to go on the wins over the marlins the past couple games. Keep up the good work.

A special message to the raker who raked me yesterday at Two Peas In a Bucket! I will have a special message just for you on my blog later. I have gotten a commerical kit that will be used very frequently.

Today's to do list:

Work out-done
Get kids ready-done
Pay for breakfast/lunch at school-done
laundry-started and clean laundry piled high on the bed
kids room-done
Check mail for bills-done
write down recipes from books-not done
House hunt-done
Big sister layout finish-3/4 done
Mississippi Nails start layout-

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 30 Wednesday wonderful

of having a sun burn from cleaning my van yesterday. yes, I used sunblock. Expect I did it during the worst time to be out in the sun 10 am-4pm. The sun is the strongest, and the fact we have no cloud cover living in a desert you get easily burn. Sunblock application because a way of life out here.

Today is another day of orgainizing here. I hope we find a house to go view. I love my DH but when he suffers from insomia it drives me crazy. I discovered he had a ton of cokes last night to drink. much caffinee. Oh well, he's a big boy, he'll learn to back off the caffinee.

I need to make plans to grab a cup of tea with a another parent before school gets out.

Today's To do list:
Front hall closet -done
finish catching up layout-can't share-done
start Mississippi Nails

This week's to do list:

Make blog banner

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 31 Tuesday chatter box

Today my only goal is to clean and detail my vechile. It will take a couple of hours to do so. Though, if we get a house. I might be getting a brand new honda fit. My DH hasn't decided yet what he is going to do. I'd rather get a jeep with 4 x 4 capabilities. The one that I spotted is only about about $40,000 brand new. So, for right now getting that jeep is on the back burned. I have always liked jeeps. I wanted a Grand Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition when I graduated high school. I still haven't gotten it.

I am really excited this morning. A parent at the afterschool class had dslr by cannon. She was letting her son take pictures with it. He first I would have to use a lot of my features in to make look good. Then she took a shot. It looked really good. then they both took pictures of my kids doing tae kwondo. She is supposed to email them to me. They will good. She can definitely take a good picture.

Then Dh went to the bank. Where we live we have to be pre-approved for a loan for a house. When some credit payments hit, it bumped the score up, so, qualify for a better loan rate. Now, to get DH to actually go a "hunting" for a house.

To do list:
Take kids to school-done
go for a run-done
go clean van-done
come home clean up-done
get kids from school-done
snack dinner homework-done
afterschool classes-done
bed-headed there

This week's to do's:
Finish christmas layouts
blog banner
Design word art for Freebie

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 32 Outlook Implation

Okay after a year of having to change to different windows for calendar, email, and contact information. I finally got my outlook operations. I was using outlook express, which is good if your not as busy as I am. The outlook really helps me stay on track. Everything from calendar events, to my to do list on a daily basis.

I love it.

Today's to do list:
Shoe boxes-obtain
Dust Furniture-done
Make dinner-done
Take/pick kids up from school-done
homework -done
afterschool classes-done

Week's to do's:
Work on blog banner
Scrapbook: Next set of Christmas pictures in about 500 hunderd, photograph the kids work from last week.-started

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Inspiration

Ads I found intriguing. I will scan some more this week.

Sunday Show Off

Took advantage of not house hunting yesterday. I am sure I am missing a layout. So, instead of rambling on about nothing. I'm showing off instead.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Screaming Disappointment

Okay remember how I said we where going house hunting today. The realtor emailed George last night. He said three-fourths of the house we wanted to look at where already under contract, one was priced for a bidding war (DH calls it a pissing war), and the other one (DH and I disagree; he likes and I find faults with the house).

The only thing we finally agree on is getting the girls out of this mean school district before the start of school in the fall. He and I both feel that the girls need truly an enviroment where teachers and students are more friendly and kind to each other.

There is only one house that my DH totally loves and I find faults in. So, I emailed him this morning. He hates getting written opinions from me. Yet, its the only way he listens. Go figure. I know I will get a response out of him.

Enough of my Saturday Screaming disappointment lecture. Have you noticed anything about my blog? What do you thinkg about it? I am still working on the appearance. Let me know! Seriously, my six steady readers I do take your opinions seriously. It may take a few days to a week for me to get the text readable but I did get it done.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 33 Friday freak out

because my DH is actually going to go house hunting again this weekend. Though he is insisting we live in a gated community for some strange reason. OMG!!! Why? I don't want my kids growing up to be like the snobby, witchy kids that they encountered this year in school. Who for some odd reason totally forgot all the golden rules and the character pledge they are required to learn at school. Hay, school adminstrators, making them say the pledge isn't working. The kids whoo really need a good shift kick in the the bottom are not going to get it at home and they sure the hell aren't getting it from you. Yet, you come down my kids and treat them like they are trash when they have more respect for authority than your precious student council. Wake up, get out of your awful fanasty that the kids you picked this year for elementary student council should be on it. Half the crew are bullies, they don't care about pleasing you or the meaning of responsibility or being kind or caring. They just like having the freaking bragging rights over other students. As for your school for being a nuturing place for learning that a bunch of cow and horse crap. My kids come home and cry every night about the things that go on there. They cry that if we (my husband and I) were up there we would be putting everyone including the adminstrators in the responsibility room. Sorry for my tanturm, I just don't want my kids to turn into beings as stated above. House hunting is great because this means if we find something in the gated community, my husband will put an offer in on it. Then over the summer we get to move out of this school district into a new school district and a more family friendly community.

So, today my DH is refusing to let me get a new pair of running shoes, or take me out to lunch even though I saved his tail 1,500 dollars yesterday. Though he has a good point both our oldest kid and he have to have dental work done which will cost the equivilant to the money we just saved. Though why not the lunch, I believe he is planning on talking with mortgage firms to find us a good mortgage rate and officer to deal with.

Now, for the kicker of all things, a house we put a bid a few months and withdrew an offer on is back on the market and get this will be auctioned off in June or July 2009. Frankily, I can see why no has bought it.

Now, for the PSE or PS cs debut in our house. Yes, PSE is cheaper and easier to use. DH won't touch it with a ten foot pole. He only wants PS cs (photoshop creative suite) that will be purchased through a co-worker who has a discount on multiple orders. Ladies and Gents, when i do get this I will definitely be anouncing a party on line chat/crop at two peas lead by me. It will be so freaking goofy it won't be funny because our side splittin laughs will be heard around the world.

Today's to do's:

Finish getting ready to run errands (yes, I am towel head right now)-doone
Transfer funds so I can get gas-done
take kids to school-done
dollar tree-done
home to unload-done
possible lunch with DH if he is done with mortgage firms-done
home unload groceries-done
either pick up said DH or DH pick up said me for school release-done
homework (*&&%&&*^*$$@#$ end of the year book reports)-gave the kiddo the night off
Dinner -thinking about it..working up motovation to make it
Scrapbook -one page two to go

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Always double check with your

health insurance before doing blood work or prescribtions filled. It will save you money. It may be time consuming but its worth the saved money.

Okay how do I know this. Remember the doctor's appoint for my youngest, I had yesterday. Yeah the one that left with more questions than answers.

Well, my dh gave a chew out like a dog chewing a bone down to its marrow for not taking the child in for it immediately. I may not have physical teeth marks but I do have a few emotional ones left.

One, I have never heard of this lab for blood draws. so, I wanted to be sure to check the joint out.
Two, we have health insurance through a subdivision of United Health Care, health insurance. They do cover any type of work unless its through their selected provider. (If you any of you out there have that type of insurance then you will know what i talking about before I even type the rest of this post.)
Three, my gas tank was down to a quarter tank of gas, and the gps unit got me lost to begin with. i figured out where the bloody doctor's office was at between my DH on the phone with me and my own natural sense of the direction (which a bit rather part genetics and moving around a lot as a kid).

After calling the said doctor's office and being put on hold for over an hour and half. I called my regular doctor for said child, and my insurance. I got approval through their pre-selected lab company for blood draws. I didn't have to drive all over God's beautiful country in the desert trying to find the place. The place the insurance wants me to use is less than five minutes from my rental and my said child's school.

In the mean time for humor, I called the other said lab joint. Guess what, the five blood drawn tests they are putting said child through would have cost my family $1,500.00 up front because this said lab joint wasn't covered by our insurance company.

So, instead of paying $1,500.00 for lab work my DH will be paying $20.00 for nice sit down resturant for lunch tomorrow. That's right ladies. When I save big bucks, I get taken out to eat by said DH.

Now for the rest of my life for today.. I got it started.

Day 34 Thursday Thumble Numble

Okay so this morning is not going so great. While i left much earlier than normal for a run. My youngest is still waking up at 5 something in the morning and waking up my crew while i am with others at the gym.

So, maybe getting back into tae kwondo will be good for the child. More sleep!

Okay so you all know my total frustrations with the doctor's offices right now. Needless to say my day will be filled with phone calls to insurances, doctor offices, and with my DH keeping him up dated on the different statements about our youngest.

Did you see the layout I got done for the celebrate seasons challenge. Yes, I know i left the word Up out. I think faster than I can type.

Today's to dos':
make dh a lunch-done
get kids ready for school-done
take said kids to school-done
call dr office-done
reclean living room/dining area-started kids will finish picking up the living room
do laundry-started
make grocery list-done
find out bills due-dh ignorantly told me not too..when will he learn to budget better
get approval for my new running shoes for tomorrow-told no argggg..I need a new pair.
pick up said kids from school-done
run by approved lab for blood draw-done
get two of my family members ready and out the door for baseball game tonight-cancelled
set recording for csi las vegas-done

Week's to do's:
Finish layouts-got five more to do!
finish face lift for blog-worked on it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Results from the dr.'s office

is not results. More blood tests, and more non-answers. All I know is I have a child with a consistant tummy ache, an inability to eat at times, and a DH who is wondering what good doctor's are for when they don't have answers either.

Me, a migrane from stress, and slightly dehydrated just wants peace of mind.

Day 35 Wednesday Whoopsie Daisy trying to

catch my fire this morning.

My morning run was inturpted by the pitter patter of little feet coming across the floor and a I need you mommy. I don't want Daddy. My first reaction was ahhhhh. My second reaction was shucks there goes my wake up call to my brain and body. It will just have to wait until they go to school.

So, today all house work is post poned. We have an emergancy appointment with a pedatric tummy specialist this afternoon for our youngest. A little background information, the child had a serve cause of salmonia (sp)at one week old spent a week at a nicu, then this triggered the gurd in the child. So, after six months of the child crying, eatting child's tums, and we got an appointment. When I first called it was going to be until July or August. I explained to the office representative I had on the phone the background. We found a back door for an appointment sooner. Needless, to say, I walked through the back door and grabbed that appointment. Yes, its sorta like figuring out how to hack into a computer system expect the system is a doctor's practice for patients. I do think it was a good thing I asked questions and pressed the issue!

OMG!! I got the 30 year fixed mortgage rate from my director's hubby. Guess what? Its awesome rate. I sent the information over to my dh. Then let him go for it.

Today's to do's:
do homework from last night-done
breakfast -done
type up release of information form-done
take kids to school-done but late thanks to missing shoes and kids that won't put things away correctly
print off said forms-done
take shower clean up-done
fill out said forms-done
finish kitchen-half done
start laundry-started
pick up kiddo from school early-done
dr appt 130 pm-done -i hate gps units they don't always know the way
pick up other kid from Aunt's house when through-done

Week's to do's:
blog finish face lift
finish layout

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 36 Tuesday Tweetie Bird Day

Okay after surviving a major allergy migrane attack last, I am better today.

so, today is a busy day again. yet, my 1 pm is reserved for a chat online with my digital gals and guys. Can't wait! Tia Bennett is hosting it. Yahoo.

Tonight early bedtime for everyone in my house.

Today's To do's:

Take kids to school
Stop by Doctor's office for a referral for pedatric tummy specialist-done
Do laundry and clean bedrooms-done
Chat at 1 pm with my friends
Stop by library pick up items-done
check mail-done
call camp director find out when our meeting is-done
contact camp director's husband to get his take on mortgage rate-done
Pick kids up from school
Upload pictures and email parent from afterschool classes-done
homework(posted poned until morning
afterschool classes-done

Weekly's to do's:
finish blog face lift-maybe tomorrow night I can work on it!

get two layouts completed-started 3/4 of the way through

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 37 Monday Muse and Myth

by what my dh considers a mother's day present of being off when they my family won't pick up the house for me during that once a year day off. I may have to take pictures before cleaning it myself, just to complete the celebrate the seasons layout that completely shows what motherhood is like.

As for my kiddos, second grade teacher's note I discovered about math. First of all you are dealing with second graders not third or fourth grades. I will drill the child at home but will not ruin the kid's summer by continously hitting the child up with homework. We will be using hooked on math series by hooked on phonics company. One, its fun. Two its at the library and free! Unless, you are going to be sending home similar tests for the child to do over the summer then let us deal with child. Oh by the way, I told you that I thought you might be pushing the child too hard to beging with anyways. Thank God the summer is only a few weeks away. Then I can make sure the child gets a teaching style that is better for the child not the school system.

Thank you Gennifer for the tag. I really appreciate it! I am actually trying to make time to do a layout on the the 5k I ran on Thanksgiving Day. I just haven't gotten around to it.

Today To Do List:
Fix Breakfast-done
Take kids to school-done
Clean up Kitchen and living area-half finished
Start laundry or put up said laundry from this weekend-started
Return library items-done
Afterschool classes for one child and the other will have to play the ds because of the muscle injury.-done

Weekly goal:
Finish updating the face lift for the blog. Thanks Gennifer for the information on how to stop the repeat cycle on everything. I most certainly will be fixing my problem this week.

Scrapbook at least 5 pages this week.-started it had so many layers that I had to seriously take 45 minutes to save each started page.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Its mother's day. its a day that we mother's are celebrated all over the world.
So, far the day is calm and pleasant.

We leave here for the Mother's Day celebration at the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are giving away free tote bags for mother's. I do need a good a good tote bag for my summer with the kids. We eat at the ball park. I's get to pick the place to eat.

I hope that all mother's have a good Mother's Day.

Here's the inspiration ads this week.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Sizzling Sun

Its already in the mid 80's the very quiet but sunny morning. The sun is bright glow is spewing through the cracks in the blinds in almost everyone but the bedrooms. Its going to be a another very hot one again.

Its very nice this morning. Everyone is still asleep at 7:17 am in the morning. The only noise you here is the air conditioning turning off and on with the thump dump of the dryer drying clothes. Its very peaceful. I would go outside but I am afraid the openning of a door would wake my crew. Plus, well, I'm in my jammies and they are not appropiate for going outside.

The youngest kiddo has a pulled groin muscle from either the afterschool class or thrashing around in state of rem sleep. We still have to get the child to pea into a cup on Tuesday because they want to rule out a uti. Needless, to say at the end of the day its misery around here. The screaming starts and the tears until the next dosage of ibprofen kicks in.

Then this week the horrible announcement that the Phoenix Coyotes have filed for bankruptcy. We had started the process to get season tickets. Needless, to say, we have stopped all payments until we know what the final outcome. To the owner of the Phoenix Coyotes, I really don't like you currently. I understand why you are doing what you are doing. Yet, its hard to example to a bloody child why the favorite hockey won't be here next year. Not to mention, screwing up the ability for the father and child to have "date" nights together. Hmmm, the hockey games were their special outtings. You sure need to find a buyer that will keep the team in Phoenix.

Spoke too soon, the oldest just got up while I was typing this.

Now, for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They shook things up with managment change two days. I didn't get to see the end result of last night's game. I just hope that they get back into the top twenty teams again.

The Star Trek movie. It was awesome. I am not into the whole being a trekie and spreading the fingers like Spock. I do like a good movie. It was long but action packed. It gave you the background on the original crew and what lead up to the caption getting his own ship. Why spock is first officer etc. Very good! I would suggest the movie. Its a little loud in the movie theatre we would at.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Girlie Pictures and Layouts

I really liked how these turned out. I did the photographs for the two peas in a bucket photography challenge and multiple scrapbooking challenges too.

Day 38 TGIF date day

Well, last night was rough for us. It started out good. Everyone in the bed and sound asleep by 8:00 including me.

Then around 11 pm we discovered through checking on our kids that there was a bed wetting incident. Well, while trying to change and clean up the youngest. The youngest started screaming that a certain part of the body hurt some where. Typically this means a yeast infection. Yes, young children can have yeast problem believe it or not. Why they don't tell you this when you are expecting a child is beyond me. Hay expecting parent class teachers I know you are suppose update your manuals for the child care part for after birth. Add this please, it will make raising children easier. Well, the child didn't stop screaming until until after given ibprofen and it hit an hour and half later. Our wonderful pedatrican called about that time. The pedatrican said to bring straight to the clinic for a urine check because young children can get uti's. Ugh, ugh this is the same child that has the food allergy.

So, my husband's and I date day will be posted poned until we get said child checked out and sent to school. Needless, to say, none of us including the older child didn't get back to sleep until about 1 am.

So today is

take oldest to school-done
take youngest to doctor's office-done
take youngest to school-done
start our date together (first one since oh say Christmas!!!!)-done
Finish our said date-done
Pick up kids from school-done
Start dinner -done
Get said husband and said child out the door for baseball game tonight
spend time with said youngest-done
Maybe just maybe finish my mother's day gift for his Aunt.-

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 39 Thursday Tingle

from soar muscles. I have gotten to start running 5 days a week, cross training with wii gold's gym cardio work out. So, I am some what sore.

Now, for the rest of you that are trying to do love dare. My Dh and I are struggling with the applications of this. so, I am going to say the verses and attempt to the challenges only. Not hold judgement against him at all. Each person is on a different spiritual level.

Today's To dos':
finish cleaning up-done
take kids to school-done
take garabage out -done
10 am maintance appt to finish a few things around our rental-done
call schools in the area that we want to move too-done
cook dinner early for easy reheat-1/4 of the way started
scrapbook a few pages-done
try to contact my wonderful poster today-done
pick up kids from school
homework dinner
afterschool classes (last one of the week)
finish filling out chore chart
Make Mother's Day Present for an Aunt

What do you think of the new face lift? give me feed back please. Can you read it easier?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Information for my new

friend I made at a birthday day this weekend.

You need to contact Make a Wish Foundation either on the web or at (602) 395-9474 to get the referal form for your son's doctor or nurse to fill out with his wish of meeting the famous person we discussed. They need to return it to Melissa at the Make the Wish Foundation in the referrals/intake department (fax number 602-324-9474). They have lots of kids who have the same medical problem yours does. He qualifies. Plus, they will also have gatherings of make a wish kids with the same problems, so, they support each other. Your doctor or nurse in charge of his care must be the one to contact them. They will do their best to make the wish granted. They must work within the schedule of the person we discussed. I hope this helps. You don't have to go through the diabetic foundation at all.

Please contact me and let me know if you got this information. I have called and left a message for you with our mutal friend.

Day 40 Wednesday whoospie daisie

Good news first. Dh told me yesterday morning that we can start searching for a house again. Yahoo this means if we find a house in the area that I want to move my kids won't have to stay in this freakin school district. Plus more great schools to choose from if I don't like one. Not this weekend but next weekend, I will be housing hunting. Doing the happy dance.

Bad news next. After weeks of trying to get a hold of a friend that I think as of a mom, she finally called me. She has been receiving treatments for tumors. Then they discovered that another health issue was back and that it was going to kill her in two months if she didn't leave for Dallas Texas for treatment. She left for Dallas Texas treatment after being dumped by her husband of forever long eternity is, and getting her daughter in law set up on prenatal visits. Needless, to say the only money coming into this family is through her disability check. So, when she came home to find no utilities, no food, etc. She immediately set out to make sure it was right. Today she is taking the entire clan that is not in school, to welfare for assistance, wic, and to local churches that i referred her to in her area.This is before leaving for her next treatment cycle in Dallas Texas. She qualified for some special services to get it.I have also contacted a local church I once worked for to ensure they will take her case seriously. this woman is a god send for me in a time of my life when I had no one. She helped me get back on my feet and show its alright. So, to say, that I am literary a walking zombie about this issue is not far from the truth.

To do list:
Take kids to school-done
Finish laundry-started
clean laundry room up-done
Get referral for youngest for a specialist-done
volunteer at kids school-done
Get kids from school-done
afterschool classes

Week's list:
three more layouts: one must be a mother's day for an aunt
blog: contacting poster from last week, and redo the middle section

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 41 Tuesday Tilt

Okay after being really upset with the school district. My Dh and I decided that our child that has a food allergy can eat the school food. The child was able to tell what food that was allowed and what food was not allowed at the birthday party this weekend. Teacher agrees with me that the said child will be fine eatting in the cafeteria and that the child can speak for herself.

To everyone wondering what was up with the blog. Its underconstruction again. So, just bear with me and use your hard hats when visiting the blog over the next month. It will be on going a face lift per say.

Today's to do list:

Take kids to school-done
Post office run-done
Library run-done
do all mirrors/windows with windex-done
pick kids up from school-done
dinner -done
afterschool class-done
Tuesday chat-done

Weekly To do list:

Scrapbook four pages-three remaining
Finish cleaning up blog

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blowing my top over

a hypocritical school system. As many of you know, one of my children has a food allergy. If the child doesn't eat or drink that food the child is fine. So, as a responsibile parent I notified the school of the new allergy. I was informed that they could not guarantee that my child would not ingest the said food during lunch time if said child ate the school food instead of bringing a lunch from home. I just said fine.

Yet, these same school freaking officals want kindergarteners to remember what their own schedule is for end of the day leaving. they want the kids to be responsible but not the officals themselves be responsible. What type of freakin society do we live in anyways? Apparently, the same society where Jesus tossed the temple tables and shook things up. When did adults stop being the utlimate responsible party and the kids became utltimately responsible. Are you going to tell a diabetic kid its his responsibility to make sure he checks his own blood sugar and adminster the insulin as well. NOOOOO you wouldn't. so why can't someone just simply remind a kid no said food or drink juices.

My word, we the parents can not cuss out the adminstration. Yet, the adminstration won't take responsibility to help a kid with a food allergy. Though if I said it was peanut butter they would be looking over my kid like a freakin hawk.

Geez, I am about to blow my cool about this freakin school district. I will be so happy when we leave.

Day 42..Monday Mundane

Okay so today I finally get to go shopping with half the budget we originally started list and half the list I made. Very upset with dh currently!

Today is not a happy day in our house because of the budget short fall. sounds like the government to a degree. Maybe because we have idiots running the finanical department of the government. Maybe they need to do the same thing we the people have to do..cut back government spending. Sorry for the sermon just not a happpy camper.

To do list today:
Make lunches-done snobby hubby wouldn't take his ..
Take kids to school -done
Grcoery shopping-done
unload grocery shopping-done
clean bathrooms-started
pick kids up-done

Week's to do list:

Do a layout for tomorrow's chat! -didn't get done
Do four more layouts
List digital design credits and contact the nice pea who said the would help me fix the header.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Good Morning! Its still national scrapbook day at Two Peas in a Bucket. So, I am going to make this quick. I have a few more enteries I want to get in.

Busy weekend, will have a busy week. Left you some ads for inspiration once the national scrapbook day is over. Enjoy!

Crystal didn't get to see the entire new kit!Can't wait for my edition when you release. I have fun with your kits.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Green Pea Friends

Before anyone gets up set that they were left off. A lot of you either are not on the message board any more or I couldn't find your user name with a photo id. I truly wanted to show more but couldn't.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Saturday sleepiess..

Well, its not quite midnight here but it is Saturday somewhere. i have stayed up way too late between having caffine in a soda and working on a project for the two peas in a bucket National Scrapbook Day, I'm just winding down..

So either an early post or late post...I can't wait to post my finished layout.

Day 43...Tgi Friday

and am I in that mood ever.

So, you all know that I have been diagnosised with serve allergies. That we suspected the kids had food allergies though the "blood test" screen basically came back negative. Yet, the past three days, my youngest has been breaking out in a horrible rash/hives all over her face and body. LIke I said, I am a typical mom that usually says oh its heat rash because we do live in the desert. Expect it didn't go away. it was still present even after being inside and cooling down. Not as serve. she would wake up with rash but just not as a neon sign saying something is very wrong. More like a light bulb burned out and needing to be replaced type of rash.So, after three days of this, I put my foot down. I phoned the doctor in an almost, I have lost my mind state of voice, got an appointment but then changed my mind and wanted to send cell phone pictures into her office instead. They were like, nah come in right now. WE want to see that silly monkey today. so, instead of cooking dinner and leaving for their afternoon class, I spent that time seeing doctor, discussing treatment plans, and trying to figure out how to keep the youngest from eatting oranges or anything with a citrus acid base or drinking at school.

Now, with this all and anything that is made with a citrus acid base must be removed from our home including any recipes involving the said use of this.

Okay, now for the kicker of it all. Swine flu, yes, folks it has affected our area in the form of "panic control" by our local government and school officals. I am worried about it no. Have I insisted on more handwashing with soap and warm water? Yes. Do I think there is anything to truly be concerned about? Yes and NO. yes, as in we need employers to be more insistent that their employees stay home when sick, we need employors to be more insistant that employees with children stay at home with their sick ones or even make it to where a bonus is given they telecommunicate and get their work done. No, as in they just released this morning that this "strain" of flu virus lacks the protien to reproduce. thus, only fueling the conspiracy theories that this was a biological warefare or a test to see if either a governement or a terrorist group could knocked another's country's authority system. Well, no it hasn't yet. The funny thing about this is that it only hit the areas where the drug lords have a lot of control in Mexico. The only causes reported here in the United States were citizens that went on holiday in those said areas. Just makes you want to go hmmm...doesn't it. Well, thant goodness that we have free speech here. Else I might just find myself in a prison some where if I lived in another country.

Enough of my soap box lecture, I seriously don't want to run my only readers. Love you gals and guys.

Today's list:
Actual mail bills that I wrote today (oops did I say that aloud)
Take kids to school
Go Grocery shopping
Unload said groceries
Try to partitake in some of chats at two peas nsd
Cook dinner

Week's List:
Finish the remaining layout on my week list(gennifer i'm sending you peamail with my email addy I wanna send this one)
Post digital kit credits on my blog- yes I will take any help I can get on the header, I will be contacting you later.