Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Sizzling Sun

Its already in the mid 80's the very quiet but sunny morning. The sun is bright glow is spewing through the cracks in the blinds in almost everyone but the bedrooms. Its going to be a another very hot one again.

Its very nice this morning. Everyone is still asleep at 7:17 am in the morning. The only noise you here is the air conditioning turning off and on with the thump dump of the dryer drying clothes. Its very peaceful. I would go outside but I am afraid the openning of a door would wake my crew. Plus, well, I'm in my jammies and they are not appropiate for going outside.

The youngest kiddo has a pulled groin muscle from either the afterschool class or thrashing around in state of rem sleep. We still have to get the child to pea into a cup on Tuesday because they want to rule out a uti. Needless, to say at the end of the day its misery around here. The screaming starts and the tears until the next dosage of ibprofen kicks in.

Then this week the horrible announcement that the Phoenix Coyotes have filed for bankruptcy. We had started the process to get season tickets. Needless, to say, we have stopped all payments until we know what the final outcome. To the owner of the Phoenix Coyotes, I really don't like you currently. I understand why you are doing what you are doing. Yet, its hard to example to a bloody child why the favorite hockey won't be here next year. Not to mention, screwing up the ability for the father and child to have "date" nights together. Hmmm, the hockey games were their special outtings. You sure need to find a buyer that will keep the team in Phoenix.

Spoke too soon, the oldest just got up while I was typing this.

Now, for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They shook things up with managment change two days. I didn't get to see the end result of last night's game. I just hope that they get back into the top twenty teams again.

The Star Trek movie. It was awesome. I am not into the whole being a trekie and spreading the fingers like Spock. I do like a good movie. It was long but action packed. It gave you the background on the original crew and what lead up to the caption getting his own ship. Why spock is first officer etc. Very good! I would suggest the movie. Its a little loud in the movie theatre we would at.

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Sunshine36616 said...

I thought about you as soon as I heard that about the Coyotes. I hope something can be worked out. I'd love for you guys to be able to keep your team :(