Thursday, May 14, 2009

Always double check with your

health insurance before doing blood work or prescribtions filled. It will save you money. It may be time consuming but its worth the saved money.

Okay how do I know this. Remember the doctor's appoint for my youngest, I had yesterday. Yeah the one that left with more questions than answers.

Well, my dh gave a chew out like a dog chewing a bone down to its marrow for not taking the child in for it immediately. I may not have physical teeth marks but I do have a few emotional ones left.

One, I have never heard of this lab for blood draws. so, I wanted to be sure to check the joint out.
Two, we have health insurance through a subdivision of United Health Care, health insurance. They do cover any type of work unless its through their selected provider. (If you any of you out there have that type of insurance then you will know what i talking about before I even type the rest of this post.)
Three, my gas tank was down to a quarter tank of gas, and the gps unit got me lost to begin with. i figured out where the bloody doctor's office was at between my DH on the phone with me and my own natural sense of the direction (which a bit rather part genetics and moving around a lot as a kid).

After calling the said doctor's office and being put on hold for over an hour and half. I called my regular doctor for said child, and my insurance. I got approval through their pre-selected lab company for blood draws. I didn't have to drive all over God's beautiful country in the desert trying to find the place. The place the insurance wants me to use is less than five minutes from my rental and my said child's school.

In the mean time for humor, I called the other said lab joint. Guess what, the five blood drawn tests they are putting said child through would have cost my family $1,500.00 up front because this said lab joint wasn't covered by our insurance company.

So, instead of paying $1,500.00 for lab work my DH will be paying $20.00 for nice sit down resturant for lunch tomorrow. That's right ladies. When I save big bucks, I get taken out to eat by said DH.

Now for the rest of my life for today.. I got it started.


Gennifer said...

Surely that huge savings deserves PSE! :)

Ros said...

Yes I agree with Gennifer - forget eating out - PSE time!