Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 30 Wednesday wonderful

of having a sun burn from cleaning my van yesterday. yes, I used sunblock. Expect I did it during the worst time to be out in the sun 10 am-4pm. The sun is the strongest, and the fact we have no cloud cover living in a desert you get easily burn. Sunblock application because a way of life out here.

Today is another day of orgainizing here. I hope we find a house to go view. I love my DH but when he suffers from insomia it drives me crazy. I discovered he had a ton of cokes last night to drink. much caffinee. Oh well, he's a big boy, he'll learn to back off the caffinee.

I need to make plans to grab a cup of tea with a another parent before school gets out.

Today's To do list:
Front hall closet -done
finish catching up layout-can't share-done
start Mississippi Nails

This week's to do list:

Make blog banner


Pamela said...

Sorry about the sunburn. I too got sunburned and now I am peeling...yuck. Have a great day! :)

Gennifer said...

I don't tan, I burn. I never peel though, the burn just fades away to my day-glo white. Weird.

Anyway, have fun doing tea with your friend!

Suz said...

I burn in no time no matter what I put on

Audrey said...

Lump me in with the rest of the group -- I burn too. I hate it when I forget to wear sunscreen to the kids' soccer games and I get burned around my sunglasses, so I look like I have raccoon eyes.