Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 39 Thursday Tingle

from soar muscles. I have gotten to start running 5 days a week, cross training with wii gold's gym cardio work out. So, I am some what sore.

Now, for the rest of you that are trying to do love dare. My Dh and I are struggling with the applications of this. so, I am going to say the verses and attempt to the challenges only. Not hold judgement against him at all. Each person is on a different spiritual level.

Today's To dos':
finish cleaning up-done
take kids to school-done
take garabage out -done
10 am maintance appt to finish a few things around our rental-done
call schools in the area that we want to move too-done
cook dinner early for easy reheat-1/4 of the way started
scrapbook a few pages-done
try to contact my wonderful poster today-done
pick up kids from school
homework dinner
afterschool classes (last one of the week)
finish filling out chore chart
Make Mother's Day Present for an Aunt

What do you think of the new face lift? give me feed back please. Can you read it easier?


Audrey said...

it's a lot easier to read your posts on that lighter background

looks like you got a lot finished today -- good luck with the rest of your list! :)

Sandie said...

The posts are very easy to read.. so that's great. The sidebar is tougher for me to read, so I might not bother. It's the fleurescent green.

Heather T. said...

I agree with Sandie! You might want more contrast on the text that's currently bright green...