Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 38 TGIF date day

Well, last night was rough for us. It started out good. Everyone in the bed and sound asleep by 8:00 including me.

Then around 11 pm we discovered through checking on our kids that there was a bed wetting incident. Well, while trying to change and clean up the youngest. The youngest started screaming that a certain part of the body hurt some where. Typically this means a yeast infection. Yes, young children can have yeast problem believe it or not. Why they don't tell you this when you are expecting a child is beyond me. Hay expecting parent class teachers I know you are suppose update your manuals for the child care part for after birth. Add this please, it will make raising children easier. Well, the child didn't stop screaming until until after given ibprofen and it hit an hour and half later. Our wonderful pedatrican called about that time. The pedatrican said to bring straight to the clinic for a urine check because young children can get uti's. Ugh, ugh this is the same child that has the food allergy.

So, my husband's and I date day will be posted poned until we get said child checked out and sent to school. Needless, to say, none of us including the older child didn't get back to sleep until about 1 am.

So today is

take oldest to school-done
take youngest to doctor's office-done
take youngest to school-done
start our date together (first one since oh say Christmas!!!!)-done
Finish our said date-done
Pick up kids from school-done
Start dinner -done
Get said husband and said child out the door for baseball game tonight
spend time with said youngest-done
Maybe just maybe finish my mother's day gift for his Aunt.-

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Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

Hope things work out, Sam - nothing worse that a sick child, especially when they can't really tell you what hurts and all they know is that it DOES.