Monday, May 4, 2009

Blowing my top over

a hypocritical school system. As many of you know, one of my children has a food allergy. If the child doesn't eat or drink that food the child is fine. So, as a responsibile parent I notified the school of the new allergy. I was informed that they could not guarantee that my child would not ingest the said food during lunch time if said child ate the school food instead of bringing a lunch from home. I just said fine.

Yet, these same school freaking officals want kindergarteners to remember what their own schedule is for end of the day leaving. they want the kids to be responsible but not the officals themselves be responsible. What type of freakin society do we live in anyways? Apparently, the same society where Jesus tossed the temple tables and shook things up. When did adults stop being the utlimate responsible party and the kids became utltimately responsible. Are you going to tell a diabetic kid its his responsibility to make sure he checks his own blood sugar and adminster the insulin as well. NOOOOO you wouldn't. so why can't someone just simply remind a kid no said food or drink juices.

My word, we the parents can not cuss out the adminstration. Yet, the adminstration won't take responsibility to help a kid with a food allergy. Though if I said it was peanut butter they would be looking over my kid like a freakin hawk.

Geez, I am about to blow my cool about this freakin school district. I will be so happy when we leave.


Gennifer said...

I'm sorry. :(

Heather T. said...

Well, here's a hug, girl. But please change your background... my old eyes can't read that black on dark gray--pretty please?

SmartandSassy said...

Actually, schools are just as bad with diabetes now. A district in Ohio is being sued over not having a nurse available to help an elementary age child with her diabetes during the day. They got real nasty with the parents I heard, I imagine so that they would hopefully go somewhere else and the problem would be solved.

I hope things work out, hang in there.