Saturday, May 30, 2009

saturday screaming shuffle

Okay so here is what has me truly screaming today. My oldest declared that this child didn't want to go to school on the very last day of school. We tried to get the child to go. Even had breakfast at school, the said child still wanted to leave and stay home with my DH who worked from home.

So, I went to the teacher's room to get the said child's report card, only to get a lecture from that said (horrible nasty and can't win a fight with that teacher teacher). This teacher said and I quote these are her words,"Ms Mean Mom you should of known better. You should have made that child come to school. Of all the moms, you should have put your foot." I simply shrugged my shoulders. I refused to get into what my husband calls a pissing war with said teacher. I replied, "I just need my said child's report card, please." Teacher reply,"Well, I am not suppose to release it until I know the cafeteria balance." I replied," I just had a conference to confirm the school district actually owes us money for both, kids. Would you like me to go get the cafteria lady to confirm this for you. I don't mind really." Teacher reply,"Well, you don't have to get an attitude with me." Then I get the report card. I simply say, "Thank you and have a nice summer."

What I wanted to really say to this freaking teacher (freaking is not the actual word that flies across my mind at the moment but you readers get the point). I'm trying not to get an r rating here. First of all, you have had your way all year long. We have played your politicial games all year long to which only caused our child to be picked on by others kids probably by your encouragement. You made my child hate school, hate people, and in general hate life. You made the said child feel small and dumb. I wish you feel an ounce of the pain you have caused in my child's life. You want to know the real reason why my child isn't here today. Go to the freakin office and go talk to the secretary. She has the low down on my child. BTW, misssy my mean mom doesn't mean I am mean. It means I magnificant excellent angelic noble moving original magnetism which means I am sensitive to my children's needs and wants. My child did fine expect math for which we will work on math skils this summer at my child's pace not yours. Thanks for making my child's year totally suck. Thank God this year is over. Thank God for a fresh start in the fall regardless of where my child goes to school other than your classroom. Yes, we listen to rock/metal but you totall drive anyone to it. Have a nice summer you ______________________(you can fill in the blanks with your imagination).

Now for replies to comments...

courtney, there was a link for the tag praise game for week's assigned. I too am at a loss where what month it is at. (sorry if this has attitude but everything to do with lack of sleep and feeling like I am going to loose my gatorade). When I get in this afternoon, I will go search for it myself. I will repost the information for all. Oh, God do I feel like I drank too much alcohol without drinking it. Yucko, I hate that feeling! I don't know how major rock stars do it. I need a personal body guard/assistance like Big John expect on female level. My DH might get a little jealous of another guy in my life. Its just a husband thing.

My to do list:
go house hunting
day game at chase field
come home and figure out what to do for groceries
make sure dh work finally paid the pay checks..

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