Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 25 Wednesday Whoosh of cleaning

of my house because the kids get out school this friday. They don't like to clean up too much. Actually cleaning up for them is the worse punishment in the world. The whine, throw tanturms, and basically pull a briar rabbit routine until I tell them go clean and don't come out until its past a "Nana and Mommy" clean. This means spotless, nothing on the floor, nothing hidden underneath their beds, and all and I mean all dirty laundry is in the basket in the laundry room. I don't mean thrown to side or hanging on the side of the basket, in the basket.

Okay the house news is, my DH has gone through all the steps to get pre-certified for a loan between two different banks to put an offer in on the house we feel we can honestly live with. The agents have filed the paper work, and everyone is literary sitting above pins and needles until the word comes in that we have been accepted for this house. So, after over a year of searching, multiple offers on other houses, and driving each other literary batty living a too small rental place with four people and no elbow room. OUch...hay kids can you just sit down until I am finishing typing? Thanks you too!

We had the first visit for the tooth fairy. Our oldest finely lost a baby tooth yesterday during their evening classes. Blood, a white uniform, and a room full of kids don't mix very well. It wasn't the two teeth we needed to fall out. It would save us $200 if the child can get those two bottom teeth out by the child's self actions. Needless, to say the one time tooth fairy gift of $5.00 for the first tooth falling out has been delivered and made a child happy.

Today's to do's:
clean master bathroom-done
hanging the upten new shower curtain in there-done
laundry -started
finish freebie for blog
make sure Dh get's sprinkles for the youngest end of the year party at school.-can't reach dh..

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