Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 37 Monday Muse and Myth

by what my dh considers a mother's day present of being off when they my family won't pick up the house for me during that once a year day off. I may have to take pictures before cleaning it myself, just to complete the celebrate the seasons layout that completely shows what motherhood is like.

As for my kiddos, second grade teacher's note I discovered about math. First of all you are dealing with second graders not third or fourth grades. I will drill the child at home but will not ruin the kid's summer by continously hitting the child up with homework. We will be using hooked on math series by hooked on phonics company. One, its fun. Two its at the library and free! Unless, you are going to be sending home similar tests for the child to do over the summer then let us deal with child. Oh by the way, I told you that I thought you might be pushing the child too hard to beging with anyways. Thank God the summer is only a few weeks away. Then I can make sure the child gets a teaching style that is better for the child not the school system.

Thank you Gennifer for the tag. I really appreciate it! I am actually trying to make time to do a layout on the the 5k I ran on Thanksgiving Day. I just haven't gotten around to it.

Today To Do List:
Fix Breakfast-done
Take kids to school-done
Clean up Kitchen and living area-half finished
Start laundry or put up said laundry from this weekend-started
Return library items-done
Afterschool classes for one child and the other will have to play the ds because of the muscle injury.-done

Weekly goal:
Finish updating the face lift for the blog. Thanks Gennifer for the information on how to stop the repeat cycle on everything. I most certainly will be fixing my problem this week.

Scrapbook at least 5 pages this week.-started it had so many layers that I had to seriously take 45 minutes to save each started page.


Gennifer said...

You're welcome, twice. :)

Creative Junkie said...

You changed the colors on your blog! Much easier on the eyes, I have to say. Ooooooooh, maybe it's my monitor, but I can't see your post's timestamp - the green is too bright?

Looking good!

My youngest is in 3rd grade and has a ton of homework lately. It will be at least 2 hours tonight.