Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 40 Wednesday whoospie daisie

Good news first. Dh told me yesterday morning that we can start searching for a house again. Yahoo this means if we find a house in the area that I want to move my kids won't have to stay in this freakin school district. Plus more great schools to choose from if I don't like one. Not this weekend but next weekend, I will be housing hunting. Doing the happy dance.

Bad news next. After weeks of trying to get a hold of a friend that I think as of a mom, she finally called me. She has been receiving treatments for tumors. Then they discovered that another health issue was back and that it was going to kill her in two months if she didn't leave for Dallas Texas for treatment. She left for Dallas Texas treatment after being dumped by her husband of forever long eternity is, and getting her daughter in law set up on prenatal visits. Needless, to say the only money coming into this family is through her disability check. So, when she came home to find no utilities, no food, etc. She immediately set out to make sure it was right. Today she is taking the entire clan that is not in school, to welfare for assistance, wic, and to local churches that i referred her to in her area.This is before leaving for her next treatment cycle in Dallas Texas. She qualified for some special services to get it.I have also contacted a local church I once worked for to ensure they will take her case seriously. this woman is a god send for me in a time of my life when I had no one. She helped me get back on my feet and show its alright. So, to say, that I am literary a walking zombie about this issue is not far from the truth.

To do list:
Take kids to school-done
Finish laundry-started
clean laundry room up-done
Get referral for youngest for a specialist-done
volunteer at kids school-done
Get kids from school-done
afterschool classes

Week's list:
three more layouts: one must be a mother's day for an aunt
blog: contacting poster from last week, and redo the middle section

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Gennifer said...

Oh no! With health issues, this seems like the last thing she needs... hopefully she'll get the help soon, and won't have to worry about it!