Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 24 Thursday twinkle

We have had over 5 offers on 5 different houses. So, the house hunting is getting really old really fast. Needless to say, instead of having a tempertanturm last night over the house (which I normally do and looking worse than a toddler having one), I hit the internet realtor websites hunting for another house. I found one. Not to mention my dh and I are going to do it together.

He likes the one I found last night but wants more to go look at. A lady at the bank said there are 1,000's more coming out on the market this summer. The lady said that this is something not known to most who are house hunting. She said to keep our eyes open to ensure that we get a good deal.

Today's to do's
take kids to school
straighten out lunch money situation
take trash out (boy are we some serious messy people)
do budget
grocery list
make dinner early
end of the year party
after school classes
Freebie for blog

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Aly D said...

wow...the blog looks great! good luck with house hunting!