Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 35 Wednesday Whoopsie Daisy trying to

catch my fire this morning.

My morning run was inturpted by the pitter patter of little feet coming across the floor and a I need you mommy. I don't want Daddy. My first reaction was ahhhhh. My second reaction was shucks there goes my wake up call to my brain and body. It will just have to wait until they go to school.

So, today all house work is post poned. We have an emergancy appointment with a pedatric tummy specialist this afternoon for our youngest. A little background information, the child had a serve cause of salmonia (sp)at one week old spent a week at a nicu, then this triggered the gurd in the child. So, after six months of the child crying, eatting child's tums, and we got an appointment. When I first called it was going to be until July or August. I explained to the office representative I had on the phone the background. We found a back door for an appointment sooner. Needless, to say, I walked through the back door and grabbed that appointment. Yes, its sorta like figuring out how to hack into a computer system expect the system is a doctor's practice for patients. I do think it was a good thing I asked questions and pressed the issue!

OMG!! I got the 30 year fixed mortgage rate from my director's hubby. Guess what? Its awesome rate. I sent the information over to my dh. Then let him go for it.

Today's to do's:
do homework from last night-done
breakfast -done
type up release of information form-done
take kids to school-done but late thanks to missing shoes and kids that won't put things away correctly
print off said forms-done
take shower clean up-done
fill out said forms-done
finish kitchen-half done
start laundry-started
pick up kiddo from school early-done
dr appt 130 pm-done -i hate gps units they don't always know the way
pick up other kid from Aunt's house when through-done

Week's to do's:
blog finish face lift
finish layout

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