Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 29 Thursday Mourning

yesterday a pitcher on the dbacks lost his wife unexpectedly. So, in respect of the team's wishes and to show support for them. I ask you to write a small sign write #60 we are praying for you, post it in your car window where it won't block your view driving but will remind others to pray for this family. Apparently, this family lives in a town close to me. so, to you we are praying for you.

Diamondbacks, way to go on the wins over the marlins the past couple games. Keep up the good work.

A special message to the raker who raked me yesterday at Two Peas In a Bucket! I will have a special message just for you on my blog later. I have gotten a commerical kit that will be used very frequently.

Today's to do list:

Work out-done
Get kids ready-done
Pay for breakfast/lunch at school-done
laundry-started and clean laundry piled high on the bed
kids room-done
Check mail for bills-done
write down recipes from books-not done
House hunt-done
Big sister layout finish-3/4 done
Mississippi Nails start layout-

1 comment:

Molly said...

That is just awful news. They are in my thoughts and prayers