Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 66 Tuesday...much happier

It’s a chat Tuesday! Yeah!!!!!!! It’s one of my things I look forward to every week. This is my online version of a night out with the girls without needing to find a babysitter. It’s perfect because even if DH is late from work it’s still duable for me to attend.

Okay last night was a migraine night, I missed another parent/teacher meeting about the secondary elementary school that one of my kids is suppose to start if we stay in this town. Needless, to say sometimes I really appreciate being prone to having migraines from allergies. I really didn’t want to hear anymore political I’m better than this school, we provided this yet the kids are unhappy with this type of circurulum, and you have to just give us a try when I have the inside scoop from other administrators that there are major problems within the school district.
Did you see my funny post below? It’s me and my DH being goofy heads. I thought I would share just a little humor with you.

Okay, so, I am in the middle of migraine melt down last night. My boss calls. I love my boss like a sister. She is so cool. Plus, she just got engaged. I got to go make her a congrats card to her and her new beau. She calls to tell me that I am getting another student from my old room. This is to keep him from him leaving our school. He just turned a certain age etc. Did I mind? No, this boy is extremely smart. I mean like super scientist smart. You have to keep him busy with lots of kindergarten to first grade level work or else he gets bored and in trouble. So, I was like no problem. I don’t mind. I will write a letter to his parents explaining how we do work in there now when they will receive a copy of it. She was like coolz.

BTW, we are having another staff meeting. It’s not about you but I need you to demonstrate how easy it is to teach the worksheets we have here. Do I really have to come? I can I watch the staff kids instead? NO! You have to be in the meeting with us mean mom...I need your m.e.a.n.ness. Okay, then do me a huge favor don’t hold it on a Tuesday or Thursday night. I have those special classes for my kids. We don’t get in until 5pm. I still a ton of home and dinner to prepare. Okay, I will keep that in mind. Thanks Boss.

Now does anyone have a freebie on their site for engagement or wedding plans? I need it...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Funny IM conversation for you

Okay I am iming my DH..this is how it goes.

DH: my new cell has no go-go juice. Call me on my work line.

me: K I'll call you with some really annoying mgs.

DH: fine

Few hours later..on the phone..

Hay hon..whatcha you doing...?

me: This is your annoying phone call from your wife as promised. Hope your day isn't annoying..

Lesson..never leave teh door open for me to be a smart mouth..I will walk through and do it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 67 Monday

It’s Monday! Its back to teaching, back to being this person that is suppose to love multi-tasking through her day like an octopus loving to pounce on its prey. NOT!!!

I would love for my DH to walk a full year in my shoes, a full year of seeing the person you love slow decay inside and away from you, a year for him to hear his children’s cries of how school is no longer a fun place to learn or how the teacher or kids are cruel. The once “excelling” school district is now trying to just get back to where it once stood. Yet, the one thing that needs to happen is that he needs to find his courage to tell the school district to get off our kids back and let them be kids. This introducing “gifted” technique to regular learning levels is crap and giving our kids self esteem issues. They need to focus on their approach for presentation of the information and how they talk to the kids in the class.

He needs to find his boots pull them on, buy that house in another town, trust God that he is making the right decision for his family, and his marriage. He needs to “trust” his wife that she has a more information on situations that are ongoing in the schools. The other parents trust her as their shoulder to lean on.

Where is this protest, soap box coming from? Well, the house we were looking into to buy has come up with some serve water damage with the presences of mold. Since, it’s a foreclosure; it’s not like buying from a person where they are responsible for paying the price to be fixed before buying. It’s literary left to the possible new owner to be fixed. He won’t even take a handy man or plumber to go look to see if there is a major or minor problem with the mold. So, I suggested buying the same floor plan house that is just down the street from this; one is being sold by the individual instead of bank. Is he going to go look at it? No! It’s not in a freaking gated community. Gated doesn’t mean safe, gated doesn’t mean there are no ex-convicts living next door to you. I feel like it’s a status quota for him instead of a home. It’s literary been one year and four days since our house sold in another state and we moved to our current location. Why he can’t stop being such a snob about things and pick a house. Seriously, every house that would work within our budget is planning to pay things off early, and be debt free he has turned his nose up at or waited too long and someone else put an offer in the house. We know we are supposed to be here in this location. The key is will he let go and Let God. Forgive me. Usually it’s a perkier, happier, and positive being from me but after a year and over 1,000 being shown to us. I have had it with the lectures, debates, and hour power conversations with his parents not me about the houses.

He thinks that me running out to get much needed groceries for the week, is a sign I don’t want to be near him or the family. Can you hear my tortured screams from the mountain top, now?

For the good news? I'm working on a freebie for April. Thank you to the two peas member who needed something. Currently its just papers and starting ribbons.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Outtings and Sightings..

Okay so officially its not Sunday yet were I am at. Though it is Sunday, where the rest of you live. So, I am not asleep yet. I had to do my posts for the tag praise game this week for two peas in a bucket. I wanted to start it off right. I added a bonus layout to simply tell a friend I have missed her presence on the board. Your absences have been noticed.

So, today in about six to fours depending on where you leave, we are suppose to go to LPGA tour that is in town this weekend(all of this caffine free but not sugar free drinks). A co-worker in the type of business that my DH does has free tickets for it this weekend. He offered them to DH. We went last year, thanks to the same individual. The kids got a signed golf ball from one of the women golfers. She was really nice. She got them interested in playing golf. Though, DH is exhausted this is the time of year to get out and do things in the desert climate. By the end of May, it’s too hot the majority of the time to be outside for too long. So, after we do the golf thing we still have grocery shopping to do. Not to mention stocking up on items like toilet paper, and napkins. Those are really important to have when you have kids.

Sorry, this isn’t witty or funny to my readers. It’s a way past my bedtime, my brain is shut down mode for the night, and frankly my fingers hurt from typing off and on for over 40 minutes. So, I will greet and meet you lovely readers later on in the day.

Saturday Savings and Sports Day

Well it’s Saturday again. Another weekend full of activities sports wise for us. Free tickets to the very last Roadrunners hockey team game ever, tonight at 7pm. Today, a free science lab for the kids, then their regular Saturday class with their master.

I am going to leave you with some money saving tips for grocery and time. This allows me more time to digitally scrapbook and work on other projects for the kids as well. Now, take a look at your pay days, your activities in between those pay days, then create a simple menu for you to eat. Seriously, this works out so nicely. My DH and I have stopped doing this over the past few months. Guess what our grocery bills went from being under $120 per two week period close to $200 for a family of four. Also, grab those grocery ads ladies and gentlemen. Look for what you use regularly or are part of your recipes. If they are on sale, price matches and uses coupons at Wall-mart. We’ve done this repeatedly in the past. We walk out of there with grocery bill under $120 for a family. I just did this, this morning. I have to say I found milk cheaper than Wal-mart, baby carrots under a $1.00, and cereal 4 for $4.00 (I also have coupons for these cereals). We will be doing grocery shopping. Now, grant it, I added a few things I normally don’t get because they were on sale for under a $1.00. So, if you are looking to save time and money….this is a great way. Thanks to the book America’s Cheapest Family it reminded to rely on my creativity and good decisions for shopping.

Below is the second layout, I did for the decorative edge challenge on two peas in a bucket site for the weekly digital challenge.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 68 Field Day Friday and .....

a change in work week schedule. Yes, folks you heard me right. A change. I really don't mind. It gives an extra day to deal with bills, laundry, groceries, and other errands that it takes to run a household, and be a mom. So, instead of working five days a week part time. I work four days a week part time. No biggie. I actually volunteer to do it. I started counting the number of kids that had dropped out of our program this month. They were not in my class because the parents in our class are either working two jobs, or they get assistance for their kids to attend. The losses happened in other classes. yet, those losses do affect the overall ability to work for others. We lost approximately or is it better to say an estimated 6 students this week. The reason either loss of employment or they parents felt they x teachers (remember them, those that were driving me literary insance with their unproffessional behavior) weren't effectively teaching their kids enough during the day. Yes, the one thing that they were warned would happen is happening. So, now I can't work on fridays thank to them. Friday is movie day in our room. The day the kids have break from formal learning and chill out with a movie. The we do some deep cleaning too!

Enough about work.

Field day for our youngest is today. Its going to be so much fun. I had a blast Wednesday with our oldest. It was totally fun and sweaty. so, paparazzi mamma will be in full mood today.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 69 Thursday viewing..

of the days schedule and the craziness of this week. I can't wait for the weekend to kick back and relax.

Okay we got our new phones last night, charged them up and played with, loaded music, ring tones, and set the alarm. Guess what the alarm clock doesn't work like the last one. Not sure if I programmed it right. Will have DH set the manual alarm clock tonight. I will have to just go for a run this afternoon.

Called and checked on my mother in law, she sounds a world better, however they are taking a trip to check on their youngest child who just relocated to another state. I don't think she should be taking the trip. I really think she needs an ekg and some heart monitoring but she is more stubborn than me. That is saying something.

Did you see my scraplift up on two peas yet?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 70 Wednesday Field day and announcing

a new arrival of a new electronic gadet in our house. Okay you remember me telling you about the horrible troubles we have had with our cell provider. Not the service but the original phone that we received when we signed up for our original two year contract. Well, it should arrive today the new phone along wiht our new extend contract with this cell provider. Drum roll please as the curtain pulls away to relieve our new cell phone.

so the next two week nights will be spent playing with my new toy. Its kickin! It will be nice to have a built in mp3 player with me. So, if I get bored I have music.

Okay field day for one child is today. Its going to be fun. I get to captured my child but my bosses child too! So, it will even more interesting running between two classes.

Now for the in-law part. Everyone is safe and sound back in the south as of 10pm mst time. They are in a different time zone than us. After having a chance to reflect after calming not only on my sil but my mil. My Dh and I have concluded that from now on if his sister wants to participate in our kids lives one of us will always be with the girls and her regardless of where we are at. As for his mother, he doesn't know my suscipisions of her health condition. I don't think its just a bacterial infections she has but I think she may have had a mild heart attack or stroke while she was out here. I can't tell DH because he would just loose his mind up in here and seriously would hop a plane home and demand that he take her to see a heart specialist. His mother is the type that won't do it unless she is ready to do. So, all I can do is pray for her.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 71 Tuesday

So, this isn’t technically Tuesday, as I am typing this. I am so angry I could use every cuss word in the dictionary plus some right now.
I am so mad about my in-laws visit. All I heard was why didn’t you brush their hair, why can’t they have this, or they even made suggestions on how to decorate a possible house that my DH and I are looking at purchasing because if you are entertaining people they don’t want to look at a tread mill. First of all, my DH and I haven’t entertained guests in almost nine years. When we do entertain, we rarely use the inside unless it’s too cold to be outside. Secondly this isn’t the freaking south yall!!! Here in the desert most people are to busy worrying about keeping the dust out of their houses, and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Not what name brand of decorations are in the house or if you work out. If I said anything like they said to me, I would have gotten chew the hell. Told I was rude and didn’t respect their self style and please don’t do that again. Why or why or why…do they have to do it to me? I hate and can’t stand DOUBLE STANDARDS. Right now, I want to tell them to go screw themselves. My home with my DH and me, we do things our way whither they like it or not. They can deal with it or go home. Seriously...folks this isn’t belevery hills 90120 or One Life to live TV set or cast. It’s real freaking life.
I have to say this; I am proud to say I work out and take care of my body. I am not ashamed to say I have to work at it. If more people stood and said, “Hay, it takes x number of hours to maintain the physical appearance I have”. Then maybe just maybe designers might design clothing on a budget that fit the normal “sized” beings. Then just maybe we might stop being so artificial with each other and achieve piece.
I took my kids out to breakfast on Monday morning before school. I needed to heal their very hurt feelings that not only their grandparents but also their aunt caused. They were allowed to say anything they wanted about them and get out their system. I also told them they acted better than the older adults in the family gathering. That, mommy and daddy were very proud of them for being polite but standing up for themselves; it’s really ashamed that my kids act better than the grownups in this family. I know I can go tell everything they said about them because what would a secret keeper be if he or she can’t keep a secret.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 72 Monday Realization...

I go back to work with joy in my heart and a little quick step of happiness. For my husband finally saw the double standardiness that his family has for us. It took a week of being put down to a degree, being ignored, and having them refuse to go to one activity but he finally saw what had me so upset.

Yesterday was Dave and Buster's then we were suppose to go home after that. Did we? No. We when shopping. They tried to force the ugliest bathing suit on my kids yesterday. Thank goodness they run really small for that store. Then they tried to get one of my picky dressers to get some shirts she didn't want. She finally just said, "I don't want them. I like this stuff instead." Thank goodness my kid had a the patience and timed it just right. Then my DH plainly told his family that his kids were too tired to shop. He would like to take them home.

His parents said,"they wanted to buy my kids stuff". My DH was poised enough to say, "today isn't the day for this." So, instead of going home we went into BArnes and Noble. The kids got some quiet time. One played with the train set and the other read. We finally concided to letting his parents buy them some reading books.

MY kids have finally reached a conclusion of their own. They have too much stuff. One keeps saying we need to donate their old toys to charity. Hmmm...not in even in junior high yet but really smart.

My DH exploded in the car when we left. He goes," I am so sick and tired of having double standards in my family its not right." I replied, "Maybe we shouldn't apply double standards to our family then." He turned and looked at me, "He goes we do?" I said, " uh, we do. We don't work as a team in this house, its one way or the highway. Not nice to have it done to you now." He got quiet after that. I kinda let out my frustrations after that.

Then we had our grilled dinner with his Aunt. Needless, to say, the rest of the family picked up on this "double standard". They felt our pain. What's so sad, is they don't realize that its tearing the family apart.

Then I twisted my foot and ruined my rocker flip flops. They don't make these flip flops any more. so, I can't replace them.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Last Day of Spring Break...

What does this carpet remind you of in scrapbooking either traditional or digital?

So, this is my last day off before going back to work this week. I miss my students. They are so sweet even when they are bad.

We are suppose to go to Dave and Buster's for lunch. So, my nephew and his mother can go be "kids" together.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coyotes beat the vancover cancuck!!!

Hockey fans and critics a like would not have believed the incredible game the coyotes played tonight against a team that normally beats the stew out of us. Instead of us getting beat down, pushed around, and basically stomped all over we showed them how coyotes have survived for millions of years in the desert. When you least it expect it. We attack, and when get our meal for the day, week, or month depending on the season.

Only one fight tonight ladies and gents. The vancover team started it and got the penalty. They only got one goal in on us and it was in the last two minutes of the game. Again the new line up totally rocked not to mention on goalie.

Shane Doan tried to throw my littlest one a signed hat tonight but the a big coyotes fan next to us caught it and kept it even though you could tell it was suppose to be my kid. I can't complain, at least he say that I was pointing to a kid and the effort was made to get it to the kid.

Another plus, was that my inlaws were there watching it with us. So, they saw the potiental they had to be a winning.

Down side to the game, my DH is fussing because an older gentlement struck up a conversation about hockey with me. Asking basic hockey questions, I could answer. It was this gentleman's first ever hockey game. If I knew nothing about a sport, I'd want someone who was kind to answer my questions. He felt like I was ignoring his family. First of all they were sitting a row in front of us. Secondly, I rode in a seperate car trying to conversate with his family. I got a few tid bits here and there. Nothng that I would consider a true conversation. Unforunately, for some reason, we don't really have anything to discuss anymore. I don't know why. I don't how we began travelling down seperate paths but we have. Not really hurt by the fact, sorta use to being the odd person out. My DH fusses about my kids playing their DS but considering I made an attempt to reconnect with members of his family, they couldnt be bothered they were playing their own gadets or surfing the net on their blackberry.

Sports Saturday

Well, let's see the rest of the family from the sout got in fine. We did not meet up for the exhibition of skateboarding for the older grandchild that was planned by the grandparents. We all sorta just hung out in our own houses and rested. Apparently this spring hasn't sprung any new forms of engery source for powering not only cars and houses but people as well.

Today Chase Field Tour for Diamond Backs Baseball. This evening hockey for the Coyotes. I hope the hell they play like they have been playing and fans go freakin insane with they make a goal.

As for the saga of our cell phone displeasure well it will be over next week. Needless to say the corporation we use has a customer loyality department that apparently handles situations like we have experienced. New cell phones are shipped and another year of service has been agreed to. It will be neat to see just how good our new phones are.

okay got to run..for some apparent reason...sleeping causes sweat and sweat causes a need for a daily shower.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 73 Spring Break Friday.

Okay, we finally put an offer on a house. Now, we are waiting for the bank to either accept it or decline it.

My mother in law has a bacterial infection. They will know more after blood work comes back.

My sister in law and nephew will be arriving today.

Here's the diorama finished.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coyotes vs Ducks

If there was a batman, I'd be addressing this post directly to him and robin right now. They are in over time. Its still tied 2 to 2 even with a shoot out. Its a third shoot out. My DH is missing this live. OMG!! Ducks just won over the coyotes. All I can say is the Coyotes played some awesome serious champion hockey. I don't care if they lost. I care they made it to the shoot out. They kept tied until the very last second with Duck player name ryan won it.

MY boys, I am proud to see you playing some killer hockey right now. I can't believe how much you guys have improved within a few weeks since the draft trade. Maybe next year you guys can be fighting for the division title.

See you guys Saturday, with my family. Please win!

Day 74 Spring Break Thursday

Mother in law is feeling ill. She has a doctor's appointment this morning with our doctor.

Today finish the diorama and have the second grader write out her sentences.

Then clean up the mess from a massive project like this. Thannk goodness I first started out traditional scraper. I still have equipment and paper that is making this project much easier and no money spent this time.

Diorama Pictures

Here's picturest of the diorama that we are currently working on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

riddle for you

What has pipe cleaners, die cuts, staples, decorate brads and eyelets, pattern paper, glue, clear packing tape, and a shoe box?
Down ………………………………………………………….

A weather diorama for second grade that a parent gets to put together with the assistance of the second grader.

Freebie-Inspired by Curious George

You may have to change the background on the embellishments to transparency. I originally designed this kit in power point before I got my paint.net where a png is a png file.

Inspired by Curious George.zip

Day 75 Spring Break Wednesday

Well, the family arrived safe and sound from the south. They look very frazzled, very tired, and frankily could of used a margarita or a hot totty with dinner then bed. Our Aunt and Uncle made a terrific dinner which had ham, cuccus (sp), salad, tomatoes, rolls and brownies. It was the first meal, I acutally felt like eatting and have kept down in a week. I don't like "re-eatting" my food like a cow. I am not a cow.

They brought the new chauchau movie the girls have been waiting to see forever.

Today we are waiting for them to wake up, get some help with a science project of diaraham of snow cycle, and take the kids to the park. Other than that have an easy day. I really need to start laundry but I am enjoying just lounging around this morning.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food for Thought...

If each partner in a marriage put as much energy into pleasing their partner as they do their parents then every marriage would be like one of those sexual enchancement commericals where each partner has a smile and truly loves and appreciate the other partner on a daily basis.

Is there any choir members that would like answer with an amen?

I gotta thank my DH's aunt for this wonderful insight. I added the commerical part only because its on today level of thinking with some.

Day 76 St. Patrick Tuesday

Okay, I threw up or should say had the dry heaves last night in the middle of the night from over doing after recovering from the flu. Then this morning my DH looks at me and tells me there another whole laundry list of stuff still to do before his parents arrive today. I looked at him, then spoke very angrily with these words, "If you see something that needs to be done and you know where it goes properely then put it up. You don't have to wait on me. You maybe waiting until its too late. Plus, if you don't want me to attend any activites this week then keep making me over do it this week. I won't be there which will totally bum out the kids but not you."

Then he was like don't give the flu to my parents. I am no longer running fever. I just have to be care how much stuff I do.

Needless to say all the nasty finger prints, toe prints, paint, marker, pencil, and colored pencil markes are off my walls, door jams, and door. Not to mention the kitchen. I got stuff off my cabinets the rental company said they couldn't get off them. Then I had taekwondo, clean my vechile which included detailing it as well by myself.

So, now its just laundry and clean dishes left to put up and a good vaccum. I am taking my time doing it today. I don't like waking up with the dry heaves in the middle of the night. I think an early bed time would be in store for me tonight. Since tomorrow will be a goo-goo day without dancing part.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 77 Spring Break Monday

Spring cleaning for the next two days. I have the "family" coming in from the "friendly" south. A word about southerns, we are great about putting on facades about how things are because we are brought up to "hide" all problems that its not polite to air our "dirty" laundry to the world. Well, southerns need to get over it. Secrets will kill your ability to have a good job or keep a good job, maintain or get a good relationship with someone. That's why I'm dying to tell my husband that I have a blog and sponsoring my challenges. He originally wanted me to open my own message board and get sponsors for it. Well, I have my own blog which is pretty close.

So, once they the "family" gets here. What are we the mafia? Don't think so. We are a middle class family working for everything we got. We appreciate what we have and the family we have. Its non-stop go-go plans without dancing which truly sucks because my kids and i love to dance together. Can you tell we will be trouble once they hit teenage years.

Have you seen my latest projects? I have been a busy bee digitally speaking. I am really proud of my Fallen layout. The picture was originally taken as an example to draw my own lamp/post for a digital kit to be released but I haven't been able to digital design anything for a few months. I still need to release this month's kit. Maybe, this morning or today I can get it release. The shoe project is based as my third blog based challenge with a two peas gift certificate in the balance for some lucky winner. Who ever wants it, enter it. It was fun to do. I got to know me as person better and why I choose something.

library-book report project due after spring break
clean up in the living area and kitchen
Dollar tree-need a good vechile was cheep
wash vechile inside and out

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shoe Challenge Examples UP NOW!!

You want the down low on the designers I used..scroll down to the gallery link. Click on it. All the details are in there..


here is the layout that I have been working on all day for the sunday scraps challenge from last week. Its late but I finally got it done. I used Tia Bennett's Family Inks Kit, and C Ford's Rock Star Kit from the freebie selection at Two Peas in a bucket. Later today I will upload each stage with steps. The song featured is Falled by Bret Michaels.

Got a tutorial up at the tutorial blog at two peas. for some crazy reason, I can't get images to load up onto my blog. I did get them loaded over in the photography side of the board.

Sunday recap on anniversary

Okay its sunday again but I am only recapping my anniversary. After a week of consisent arguing, feeling overwhelmed with his parents coming into town, dealing with sick kids, co-workers that think they are still in high school not a job, a boss that was totally unhappy that I couldn't be there but understood, and deseperately trying to find a house in our price range. He did good.

Okay, so, he actually offerred to go get Starbucks to get coffee and bagel (a new tradition), he made sure the kids were well enough to ride in a car and go to another town for house. OMG!!!! THe houses here were hughe, lots of kids, lots of activities available for the kids to do, and I wouldn't have to go back to work if I didn't want to. Then on the way home, we stopped for dinner at 4:30 pm at a place called the Elephant resturant and bar. It was the coolest place. It would have been more enjoyable without kids but still fun. Then we went home. The kids fought sleep for like an hour and half. Then he and I watched NCIS first disc season one. We like that show. Its one of the few crime shows he will watch with me. I would have loved to played monolopy too. Expect he need to be able to use his brain today. He has to into work for a client today.

So, I leave you with these layouts or partial layouts I have done. one is the third page from my three page layout that will be finished once dh goes to work with his client today. The other was last night for the pub ad challenge, use your two pea kit challenge, dt call, and celebrate the seasons challenge.I think I am getting the hang of this do one layout for multiple challenges thing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rock Love Eposide

Okay this third season generally has me turned off for watching. Though having the flu and my sleep schedule screwed up, I am generally channel surfing. So, I see Rock of Love. I think why not? I was shocked to see that the girls applying for the position of "girlfriend" of Bret Michaels lost a kid. He walked right out of the pool area unnoticed by the girls. As a mom, a pool supervisor, and a teacher I got really angry about this. Pools and water are fun in general but you always count heads when in the pool regardless of the fact its on national tv. Not once did I see a person count heads. If it weren't for the Nanny Cam installed by Bret and his right hand man Big John they would have "lost" a kid. If those ladies worked at the summer camp I worked at they would be fired on the spot. Seriously, one of these ladies is a mom on the show. For sure I thought she would do a good job. She started off hot then hit rock bottom like a drug junkie needing a fix.

Geez, folks you want credit for having a brain. Then use it. Thank goodness for the nanny cam. Good job Bret!

Didn't finish watching the eposide. I wanted to puck!

Anniversary Saturday

Its offically our wedding Anniversary. We are offically all sick. boy, are we a cranky bunch. The kids are still asleep. Dh just ran out to get coffee and bagels for us. Thank you honey I appreciate it.

I will update later with all the brownie points he earns with me today.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Challenge Reminder Sneak Preview

Okay here is a preview of page two of a three page layout for the digital challenge on two peas and for my own challenge on this blog. I hope you like it. My husband discovered the photos I took of my shoes. He was like what are all these pictures of your shoes for. I was like don't worry about it dude. Its for a scrapbooking challenge. I bet he would drop his jaw if he knew I was sponsoring it.

Oh, well hay dear husband of mine. I do listen. I started my own blog and sponsoring challenges. (wink wink a kiss being blown your way for planting the seed).

Day 78 Friday's..not the resturant

hmmm their soup sounds so good right now. Their french onion soup for a matter.

Well it’s another day of having sick ones in the house. Now, the oldest one is coming down with flu like symptoms as well. So, we have started the course of actions of medication and rest. No special classes for either one of the yesterday; not mention mom was completely washed out from the flu for herself. At least two of us are keeping food down today. The other one still feels nauseated.

A good note even though my husband and I are still fighting over personality traits that irate each other I can agree on things about our children and the things they need. So, it’s a starting point. Yeah, it means it can only get better from that point.

Also, I put the Happy Anniversary sign up in his car this morning, so, he couldn’t drive off until he had to pull out of his windshield area on the inside. He said I confused him because our anniversary is not until tomorrow. I said, it was the only time I could surprise him. So deal with it.

Plus, I told him why I was so late coming in from getting medicine for our children the other night. I was looking for his most favorite candy in every freaking store in this town. It use to be available when we moved here. Guess what? It’s no longer available for me to buy for him. So, I told him that it wasn’t much buster but at least I tried to do something nice for our anniversary. He was thankful.Even of the whining, complaining from this end. Life could be a lot worse.

How many have been working on their shoe challenge? Did you see the pictures I uploaded for my example for the challenge? Oh, you can mix and match your favorite designers as well to meet the criteria.

Need to work on my blog design. Its awesome and all but it could be a little more readable.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Its Offical

we have the flu in our house. Its the "b" form which instead of respority problems the muscles in the legs get attacks, you have leg cramps, or sometimes tingling in the legs. Guess what...we got it!

I do have say though they are being really good for being sick. Its great that we are just snuggle down together to get well together.

Day 79 Thisthle Thursday

Another day home sick, plus guess what…DH and I are starting to feel icky. This is our second year in a row on our or right at our anniversary that we have gotten sick with our kids. Not happy. So, not time away from the kids to discuss anything. What’s worse is he doesn’t get it at all that it’s important that you have time away from the kids. He doesn’t even seem hurt by the fact. I’m so depressed by his lack of interest in keeping the relationship “healthy”. I just imed him to let him know that celebration is delayed. He still doesn’t get it. He still insists that we go, and wants further discussion. Can you see my eyes rolling far back in my head while I fight to keep from vomiting right now? He doesn’t get it.
Now, we know how nasty germs are spread.

Here’s a preview peek at my shoe challenge layout that I am doing. I hope to get all three pages completed by Sunday night. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's my pictures for the shoe challenge.

This are just a few that I took for my challenge I issued. They look not so good but with a crop of an image here and use of the adjustments and effects tools in paint.net they look awesome.

Results from the dr.'s office

We may have the flu in our family currently. They won't know for sure for a few more days no school for this sick kiddo of mine.

Day 80 Wednesday..hump day again...

Okay its 3:45 am. I can’t sleep. My head hurts. My youngest is sick with a fever, throwing up mucus, and the doctor can’t see my child until tomorrow at 3 pm. Isn’t live grand?

Last night was my oldest kid's play, which we got front row seats because I volunteered to cut over 50 bug wings out for this thing. Do you know what? They only acknowledged those that put in more than 20 hours of volunteer work on the show. I felt a little insulted by that because us working parents who do stuff at home should be recognized as well. I don’t want to be called out publically but a little thank you would have been nice to all the working parents who came and volunteered.

So, I sent my DH a text message yesterday. I letting him know that getting a house wasn’t going to solve our relationship situations that we are having that we needed to work things before moving. He was like what situations? It’s not fair that you hit me with something that should be said face to face. When honey? When? So tonight we are going to have ourselves a little chat because I seriously can’t take it anymore. Then he was like you never freaking give me credit. I’m like yes I do. You just don’t ever hear me say it because you never listen to me. Now, that I put my foot down about our relationship, we all of a sudden have money to go out to eat together for our anniversary; I am not complaining by any means. Trust me, for what I understand that this is the longest marriage he has had ever in his life.

Then he is a has been house hunting outside this area that we are currently living in. So, he has found some very nice neighborhoods with houses in it that are gorgeous within our price range and that if we moved there I could stay home again and work on my digital designs and not be rushed here and there. We are going to go look at them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 81 Tuesday..

Today I was supposed to go for a run this morning again. Guess what? I couldn’t physically get out of bed again. I was in bed by 7:30. I literary have no energy currently. I even put my kids in the bed with me. So, they would go to sleep on time themselves.
DH was another business phone call. Why all of sudden he can’t be the dad and husband he use to be is beyond me. He then told me that we may not have money to go celebrate our anniversary. I’m like we have money for hockey games but not our anniversary? Continuing the love dare thing is so hard right now. Praying for him, doing nice things for him, is taking everything in my body including mentally.
Today at least I get off early to go run, we have another after school class for the kiddos, and a play for one of the kids tonight.
Okay yesterday, after having a rather rough weekend, I was done emotionally. The two teachers at my school have been picking on me decided to really lay into me. They wouldn’t stand in my door way during nap time, they wouldn’t help me with getting supplies when I needed them and then they decided to confront me by saying that I didn’t use my manners and I wouldn’t give them the juicy details of my life then they weren’t going to be any help any more. So, I call up front then decided to cancel it. The director sent someone to the back to talk with me. She couldn’t believe it either. Apparently, when they got off from work she took the two outside and really yelled at them for being mean not just to me but to everyone in the center. She lost it. I didn’t want them to get yelled at, just to leave me alone. I need everyone to just give me a few weeks to get over this hump.
I’m not going to be my perky normal self for awhile.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 82 Monday Slave grind...

Its Monday what can I say. I could not get up to run this morning. To tired from being woken up by my entire family crawling into bed with me last night, and the wonderful allergy treatments are wearing me out.
What is it that guys get really strange when they know their family is coming into town or they are taking their family to see their family members? I don’t know. It’s really frustrating and hard to see their side of an issue when they themselves are not doing the same thing. It’s like they have no pride in themselves. So, I put my foot down last night with my DH. I refused to do something he wanted. He threatened not to celebrate out annivesry this weekend with me. At that point, I really didn’t care. I was sick of him saying, “do as I say not what I do crap.”

Now for the really good hockey game with the Phoenix Roadrunners. I wished we had discovered them way before the Phoenix Coyotes. The Roadrunners are hungry for the game and play it to win it. Even though lost they actually play better than the coyotes. They only lost by two points but they went after it hard core. It was awesome, plus the game tickets are far more affordable then Coyote tickets as well. It was very enjoyable for the kids and us. Plus, no TV commercial interruptions…the momentum of the game could continue.
Its Monday, its back to the slave grind, I’ve decided to be cold as ice to the teachers that are causing me problems. I am just going to focus on the kids that I am teaching is the best solution. If they come into my class room I going to ask them to leave immediately.

Thanks creative Junky for your post..to the others that posted gennifer and to others from two peas. Thank you. Creative junkie go ahead post your layout link or email it. I can't award a prize to it but it will be fun to exhibit.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunday recap

Well, it’s Sunday the start of a new week. It’s started alright. Let’s see instead of going to church we have hunted of a house within our price range and needs, ran out for groceries, starting a hockey game on TV, and will be attending a hockey game this evening.
Let’s recap this past week.
Monday, sick day for me, recovering from another stomach virus.
Tuesday, back to the same schedule, very fatigued from being sick. I figured out how to follow my friend’s blogs without having to check the blog threads on the boards.
Wednesday, ambushed by a parent that I was totally put into a state of shock from. Yes, cried for hours, upset for days, the reality of the situation is that the people involved are not mature enough to realize the mistakes they are making, the parent involved doesn’t realized that she has a spy working for her that also will talk back about her to make herself look good, and neither party realizes that I see through their fa├žade. My pain isn’t over the ambush but for their own personal immaturity and inability to see the truth. As it is said, the truth shall set you free; the truth is that the other parents in the school are very pleased by my teaching. They want me teaching their children. All that matters is the children that do need my help. Not this family. Let’s not forget the staff meeting where I came off as a *cough** witch with an attitude about some things. Yet, no listens or cares so why should I even attend a freaking staff meeting from now on*eyes are seriously rolling around my head*.
Thursday, I wanted to vomit everywhere from what I witness for unhealthy practices by some teachers in another room. Though, I sick and tired of having to be a one that says anything to anyone about health and safety protocols. I am not paid to be a director nor do I want the position. It’s all yours, dear.
Friday, sick day for me again, this time one of my kids caught stomach virus; along with my allergy testing which was nice to finally have answers as to why I seem to have a quote, “cold” all the time.
Saturday, let’s see my kids Saturday class, home lounge day, wii family night. My DH beat the game again. I released a challenge for those that want to participate in it.
That’s about it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday early morning..peace..tranquility

I almost turned on my itunes expect I realized the beauty in silence this morning (unless you count the sound of the tapping of keys as I tape type this). So, relaxing. I don't even hear early morning birds or wind. Its just so rejuvinating. The sun is popping over the mountains with an early morning haze. I just love it.

Okay last night...coyotes game started good then stunk the started good again. We can't go to the play offs playing like we did last night. Yes, sabers are a good team however if we can beat the #1 Boston Brunes then dang boys. Beat the rest of them and bring home the playoffs champion flag. I am not worried about the Stanley cup. I just would like to stay we are western confrence champs. Okay the six new players if I am wrong then correct me upshall, lombardi, prucha, dawes, kalinin, and tordjman. did an awesome job. Of course tordjman didn't play but he did an awesome supportive job. If I could personally get my picture with them and say good job boys I would. Though I am heartbroken over Tellvquist leaving, I know he will probably get a better chance at playing for the Sabers than for the coyotes. So, its a positive move for him. Though, I hate to see him play on the side lines.

Todays plans, we go to their saturday class. dh heads over to the bank to take care of some issues, I watch, he comes back we, and we leave for a late lunch, a birthday party, and nothing after that.

Be sure to check out a post below. Its a challenge to everyone. I am giving away a gift certificate to twopeasinabucket.

Your March Challenge "Shoes"

Can you hear the mission impossible music playing? I can.

This message will not self destruct for its on my blog. These message challenge is good from now Saturday March 7th, 2009 until Tuesday April 7th, 2009. I want you to scrapbook you shoes. I want you to write an indepth journaling about your shoes either directly on the image of the shoes or have a selected journaling spot. This I think is important it will help you get to know yourself much better. Maybe even help your creativity as well. I challenge you to use at least four different kits of your favorite designer. Post your link in the comment area or email them to the meanmomdigitalproductions@gmail.com address. At the end of one month, I will grant a gift certificate to twopeasinabucket shop.

I will even participate but I will not be able to give myself the reward. How's that for an even better idea.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Allergy Testing result for natural enivormental problems.

I was not surprised by some of the results the others I was surprised at. Its amazing how you feel after you know what you have to avoid.

Day 83.....Friday

Okay good news the coyotes seriously won the game against the brunes. I didn't think they would win. I grew up with everyone rooting for the brunes. They are an extremely good team. It was such a good surprise that they won.

Then DH and I got into a fight. I told him we sounded just like the fireproof movie. He got very ugly. He just doesn't get. Then I guess he calmed down and felt bad. He still woke me up in the other room to check on me. Tip to others in a relation, if you your partner storms off quietly, goes to bed after crying in front of you then maybe if you wake her or him when they have a killer headace its a good thing to say your sorry. They weren't lying its the hardest thing to do the love dare /fireproof marriage thing. I have to tell you I feel like I have been left behind in a fire currently. Though I won't give up. I don't think my dh was really upset over the issue we were arguing about but money issue and finding a house.

Then my oldest last night just started screaming and grabbed the tummy area off and on for about 30 minutes. Then it hit...horrible diaherra. So, she won't be going to school today. I am not like a typical parent. If my child is truly sick the night before..they are not sent to school in the morning.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coyotes beat the brunes!!!!

HOLY COW!!! They beat them 2 to 1. The new guy upshall is awesome. I like the guy already.

Our Tichvanav (SP?) kept getting penalities left and right. Whoa...the figter on the team? I don't think so. He needs to play more hockey then fight. To tell the truth the whole team needs to play more hockey less fighting unless the other team brings to their front door.

This was one win no one expected them to get. They beat the number one team in the east league. I can't believe. Growing up it was the brunes. WE all rooted for the brunes. They have been and currently are the top team. Now to tell my family my team beat the brunes. A good note for an awful week.

Way to go coyotes.

Oh Carcillo my little one misses you. Little one says you rock the world.

Day 84 Ambush Recovery...

yesterday I was basically set up for an ambush by a parent by other teachers who are upset that they lost their teaching position in my room. They were relocated to another room. They have been talking to parents only giving them half the information on the situations that occur in my room. They are given messages from those parents to give to either me or the director but do not give those messages to use on how the parents want their children taught. I do have a few ideas of how they are getting the information that they are but I will only discuss it with my director.

I spent the majority of yesterday in tears. My class was in shock to see a parent talk in such a ton in front of them and refuse to go to the director's office for a more formal discuss in an adult manner. It left my kids confused, dismayed, and upset by the unadult behavior by the parent. The children wanted to know why I was upsset. I simply told them I was very sad. They told me that it was okay and that they liked being my class and I was their teacher.

I truly feel bad for these teachers because one day what they are doing to me will occur to them. Then they will realize only then what jerks they have been in the past to others. Will they ever change? Probably not. AM I the first to be their victim? Probably not? Is this a test in my faith to allow God to deal with them? Yes. Is it hard, yes!

I have I cried many times over the past few months about the situation. Yes. Do I trust them with my own kids. Never.

I only have several options none of which I care to opennly discuss currently.

What am I doing about it? applying the fireproof /lovedare challenges to all situations in my life.

Coyotes traded four players yesterday. they got use some serious players supposedly. I can't wait to go see them play tonight.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 85 Hump Day...

Where did that term came from? I have no clue. I can honestly say that well "humping" certainly is not appropiate for this week. Its been another busy week. booyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, are we still busy. Can you imagine going non stop of a tred mill of life. That's what's its like around here.

Fireproof challenge: Do something caring for your partner. Either take care of chore he/she normally takes care of or take care of them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 86..back

okay after two weeks of quote a "stomach virus" attack. I am going in for allergy testing for foods and other allergans. I'm sick of being sick.

Tonight, is wing night at Buffalo Wild wings. So, as soon as we get off from after school activities and homework. We have to be ready for wings. I will probably miss the chat tonight, however, family is more important.

My phoenix coyotes are to play Thursday night. They are playing the Boston Bruins. They are the number one team on the east coast league. All I got to say, is they better either play like the want the playoffs or get ready for injuries and getting whooped. Though my DH says the coyotes are like the New Orleans Saints. They lose to those teams they are not suppose but then win games they are not suppose to win. Go Figure.

Fireproof challenge #2 Holding your tongue. This is really hard for me to do. By nature I am a smart mouth. You leave the door open for a comment, I generally walk right through it with one. So, instead of saying something mean or smart mouth be nice or don't say anything at all.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fireproof the Movie

Okay, I have to say this movie its amazing. It simply openned my husband's eyes and my eyes to our faults in our marriage. even before we started watching the movie, he made a point to be kinder, to make sure our kids knew I deserved his time too, and that he has begun (again) to make an effort to make a point to be helpful around the house.

I have a fireproof challenge. Everyday I will make a point to list a virtue which will help your relationship with your partner stronger. i want you to post a reply to how you applied that virtue to your relationship in your marriage. This way we can be helpful to each other by giving new ideas or forgotten ones to us that want a successful marriage.

Challenge #1 Pray for your partner even if you are not praying person. If you are even looking for a partner. You must for that partner before they are even found. Pray that you are the person you are suppose to be in that relationship. To make the changes in your heart to be that person.

My answer : Its very hard to do that at times for my husband due to my own stubbornness and hurt feelings. I still try to at least ask God for his protection and for my mind and heart to be open to his side of the story. Example: we are not agreeing on allergy tests for our kids. Yet, we both know we need to have that done. I am going to offer to have the test done first with is prescences so he can see that they no longer prick the skin just drop the liquid on the skin. You sometimes have to lead by example.

Day 87 sick day...

Okay after waking up yesterday with fever blisters in my mouth, having to spend every few hours on the pot, and serve tummy cramps. i called in sick. I told my boss to remind everyone to make sure they are washing hands with soap that includes the kids. Apparently someone isn't so we are spreading germs around.

Okay, I keep hearing people get on design teams, getting published, etc. I would love for that and be honored for that..however I want to do a guest garden girl instead. I want to be sure this is what I want to go with my scrapping. So, if you are from two peas in a bucket garden girls. I want to test my skills at being a garden girl to ensure that this is the right direction to go with my scrapping. So, if you ladies and gents don't mind. I would love to have a chance at it.

Well, we just lost power and gained power back.. Thank goodness I am on a laptop so I didn't loose my post for the day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Recap

Hockey warm up shots. I hopefully will get dh to give a copy of the photos we took from all the games. The kids want pictures of the players in their room. Its less expensive for me to do it myself than to pay at the dens for a copy of theirs.

This is where we go to see hockey in the desert. The sad part is that we have to drive an hour to watch the games.

Recap of this week...bullying, choosing schools, a death, a birthday party, a martial arts promotions test for my girlies, and the never ending job responsibilities of a mother a teacher a wife and a daughter. Enough said.

March 1st 2009 is my oh crap moment. When it hits me I only have two weeks until my in laws come to town, two weeks to get my house clean, two weeks until me and the girlies will be off for spring break, me and the girlies will have to be ready to share our time together, Two weeks until I see my nephew and his mother,and probablyy two weeks until I realize why I am so happy to live where I live. One, away from major allergians, away from drama I really don't want to be a part of, away from a lot of crime and negative news reports, and away being part of a state that was ranked number 49th for schools. You know in your heart you love your family but at the same time they drive you totally batty. Sorta like the scene from polgertist where the kids head is spinning around and green puke is flying every where. The parent loved the kid but it totally freaked her out at the same time. That is the way, it is with our family. The majority of the time we have a what is by all intense purposes a "normal" family relationship. Then there are those moments when you either feel like the little girl in that scene or you feel like the parent from the outside. Well, that's us. DH and I have decided unless we are asked we don't volunteer for much when we go home for a visit (unless its an errand to the store), and I think I am going to put a cap on the number of computer fixes DH will be doing when we go home to visit (all he did this past visit was sit at a computer installing or uninstalling programs for family and friends), and we are going to have to be more forcefull with keeping our rules of our house in place of when you get up from your spot at the table you are done eatting.

I'm sure everyone can relate to the anology of family life and relations.

Now, for the mourning part that I am still going through. I will be doing a balloon release probably by myself in loving memories. I will be finding every picture I took of the little one that passed away and putting together a memory book or pages for the director because I know that she will appreciate them. I just hope that everyone where she works at will be patience and kind with her. I pray that other students and their families coming to enroll at the school she works at will be understanding that she won't be her cheery self for awhile. I really just want to run over to her house and just continously hug her but that would probably be annoying and aggreviating at the same time. So, if you should read this I am totally here for you. {{{hugs}}}.